How to return a man ?

How to return a man ?

Very often on the Internet in various forums and websites, we are faced with a request for help: I ​​want to bring back a man.Try to understand and find out if you can return the man, and if so, how.People are often very cynical and to the question of how to return the beloved, meet: and do not have to lose.Of course, this is ideal - just understand that you are doing something wrong and fix it.But if this has already happened, what can you do ...

However, there is a solution.It is not easy to understand, but realize their mistakes, to change internally.That's think about it: you want to return a loved one, but why?Why, if you will behave in the same way as were when you were together?Suppose he has forgiven you, you are together again.But the same pattern of behavior whether he will be with you for a long time?Most likely, he will run away again as soon as possible and most likely - forever.Therefore, before his return, think - Are you ready to change?Now we leave out the question about his character and the willingness to change - it can be a monster or a cloth, or a drunkard roaznuzdannym bookworm, yes anyone, it is now something for you!Whoever he was, if you want to be with him, so he'll need this.And if needed, but not to you - me.There is no such method - neither psychological nor magic, nor any other, where you can always keep a person about himself, if he so wants.So, the only way - he wanted to.

Remember that you first need to return the interest of men, and only then think about how to return the love of a man.Interest return easier.You know the nature of his chosen.So think how he will be surprised if you change the model of behavior, stop it at every opportunity to cut and inconvenient occasions, will not cling to it, zanudstvovat, swear.If you are used to all that is actively practiced in communion with him, believe me - this will notice even the most unobservant and inconsiderate men, simply because that's waiting for one, but it turns out something completely different.The first thing to do - instead of to the evil shrew or boring aunt appeared kind and caring woman, not accused, but I understand.You should not just be, but to become such.If it is temporary, you will lose it again.Here also think - and so are you ready to change?If so, all in your hands, because the woman in the relationship under the force of a great deal, if they so wish.

I deliberately did not say no to this point about the different psycho or about magic tricks, because it's all ancillary things that just give you the confidence that everything will turn out.Make the ground will not help you either psychology or magic, nothing at all.Only you yourself!Once you understand this simple, but coming to every thing at one time, you will reach such heights, which could not even dream of.Moreover, such a change will have the most beneficial impact not only on the progress made in the relationship, but also to communicate with others, to work on domestic issues, on all aspects of your life.As much as it is banal sounds, but the key to everything - it is the desire and the ability to change, and above all - internal.If you can, if you're ready, the question, how to get a man, you will not find it that hard - he will come to you to see how you have changed.It is appropriate to tell a little about male psychology and the reasons for which men go.

Usually people are too complicate simple things.A man's psychology, in general, is simple.We are different, it is true, but we have a lot in common.Why do men leave?Because they are not comfortable with this woman.Why does a man uncomfortable?Remember, men can not stand when their sawing, except in jest and with good expression.Yes, men often have a lot to remind them to do so.Believe me, we arranged simply - we love the attention and care, but do not love, when we are forced to anything, much less sawing.Just remind.Not done - once again remind.We do not because they do not love you, but because they forget, without any ulterior motive.

Men need a lot of time for them to devote time to their hobbies, and if it is time-consuming, men become angry and irritable, or sink into despair.Men love sports in its various manifestations, sometimes to sit with friends over a bottle of beer.Men love to have sex.Keep this in mind as well.Now imagine if the man is not allowed to sit at the computer or watch football with friends on the weekend or after work, read your favorite book, and when he came home from work - he sawed at the fact that he is not done, it did not and do! "as I got tired of all this" ... And something else happens: do not do it - no sex.It's almost the end, if a man has at least some character.Understand that the man did something, endless pilezhka not help, unless you got a copy of which is colloquially referred to as "rag" or "henpecked" - on such travel can be long, but they sometimes run out of patience.

For comfortable living together need to be able to negotiate - it is the only way to happiness and the other not.We pay attention to each other and agree to do something together.Not screaming and swearing, and gently and quietly.The most important thing in life together - a willingness to make some, albeit small concessions.Without it, your man will go again, until you realize that you need to change.Be happy!