How to restore the relationship?

How to restore the relationship?

meeting with someone rarely entirely sure it's for life.Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, many couples break up.If someone still feeling the partner, feeling that the separation was a mistake and all is not lost, you can try to get this back.Wow, if the feeling is mutual, but if not?We'll talk more about that in this case you can try to restore the former relationship.Consider two situations: after a strong rapprochement of the conflict and the return of the relationship after breaking up.

If you strongly quarreled

There are arguments so strong that comes to whipping dishes, mutual insults and the subsequent "cold war" opposing partners.Yes, the situation is complicated, but it may not be so critical.To return the ratio to the previous level and even improve them, follow these tips:

  1. "let off steam".Going to conciliation until a strong feeling of resentment, senseless - soon quarrel again.Take a break for a while, pay attention to your friends and family, go for something that will give you positive emotions.It is also the most time you will give to your partner.
  2. When calm down, start a sober assessment of the situation.What exactly happened?On what is the conflict?Who is actually wrong and why?Take a look at the situation objectively, as an outside observer.
  3. Now that you have something to say to the partner, go to the conversation.Agree that calmly discuss the situation.It does not matter who is the first to do this step.You need to give each other all their grievances, but no response in the spirit of "Look at yourself!".Speak, listen to the other, try to understand, in the end find the root of the problem, to solve it, ask forgiveness of each other and more this will not be repeated.The mistake many couples is that they do not speak, as a result of hoarding mutual insults and quarreling.We need to talk, to discuss in a calm tone, to understand and to avoid quarrels.
  4. So you made it up, but the feeling of awkwardness and stiffness after the recent conflict has left.To get rid of it, you need to get together and strong positive emotions.This can be done in different ways as you like.Here are some options: a romantic dinner, go together on a terrible ride (then it will be fun), to make love, etc.

How to restore relations after parting

If you broke up, the situation is more complicated, not the fact that the return ratio..It works, but if there is a strong desire, you can try.To get started find out whether it is necessary to do so.

Should I return the relationship?

Before taking any efforts to return partner should carefully consider whether you have it.Try to understand, whether you love this man, and if he liked you.So, you might be very much in love, but with a partner was uncomfortable because he constantly overwhelm you, insulted, did hurt - in this case you do not love, and a sense of painful binding to a person iz-za you and want to return.It is necessary to you?After all, everything will return to normal and may even become worse.

If you are sure that the past relationships are to fight for them, it is possible to act.

  1. Again, as in the previous version, you first need to "let off steam".After that, do not rush to make contact, analyze, what were your relationships and because of what it is you have left.If the reason is you, then you need to change;if the cause of a partner - you will need to gently influence him to change or accept the fact that he was.It should also be subjected to a thorough revision of all your relationships, analyze all the conflicts that have been, and try not to repeat it.
  2. Take the time to offer partner to restore the relationship.Begin to make friends, help each other, subtly reinforcing the connection.The man again should be a positive attitude to you.
  3. Thereafter partner feel that relations are improving, and you can gently transfer them to the romantic side.So, sometimes you can recall some pleasant moments that were with you in the common past, doing cute surprises, the desires of the partner.He must be a mutual desire to restore relations.
  4. when you realize that everything is going well, we can offer return relationship.If your partner agrees, you will need to discuss with your past mistakes, to find out what is now partner wants in your relationship, try to match it.It must be reciprocal action, because the relationship - is the cause of both.When one tries, the other even lift a finger does not hit, it does not work.

If, despite all your efforts, it is impossible to restore the relationship, then maybe it's for the better?Calm down and just live on, surely the fate prepares you to another dizzying familiarity that will change your life!

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