How to return the guy after parting ?

How to return the guy after parting ?

Relationships begin and end.Well, if they are terminated by mutual agreement, and if not?If the girl is suffering, bored, can not think of anything else, except for the former?Her care is only one question: how to get guy after parting?Let's understand, whether it is possible to do this.

Is it worth it to return?

First, think about whether you need to return it.If the universe takes away from you a man, maybe it's for the better.Maybe you'll meet someone more deserving?Think that you are driven by love and a sense of insecurity, fear of change, fear of being alone?If you weigh everything, and still decided to return to Man, then do not let annoying bugs.

Return Man: what to do and what not to do

  • Create a lack of communication after the break.In the first 2 weeks of trying to avoid his eyes.Whatever scratched hands, do not keep ringing, do not throw love sms.This is the worst thing you can do.Seek not to go there, where as if by chance you can find it.Men do not like obsessive women.During the pause, he will have time to think, to cool.If you do not show up on the horizon, it will cause a curiosity: where are you, what you're doing, maybe already met someone else?
  • not be a sufferer.Recently I broke up with boyfriend?How can I return it?Certainly not go with red eyes from crying, sad view, do not eat or sleep.Were it not for her boyfriend mute reproach - this will cause a feeling of guilt.From the pitiful women want to get rid.Do not lose your self-esteem, do not try at all to please him, to fulfill his every whim.This you will achieve only hostility.Respect yourself first.
  • Watch yourself.Many girls are under stress go blubbered and groomed.Not painted, do not comb your hair, put on horrible.Do not make such a mistake.
  • But do not be overly cheerful, as if nothing had happened.So the guy might think you do not need it, you without a good and just so happy that finally got rid of him.Behave naturally sad, but without hysteria.
  • Analyze why you broke up.If you want to be with him again, you need to understand the reason to correct errors in the future.Was the reason for parting your behavior - quarrels, jealousy, carping?Consider how to behave differently.
  • How to return a man after breaking up?The answer is simple: once again become the girl, with whom he fell in love.In the initial stages of the relationship we are romantic, cute, funny ... And then it begins?Reproach, "sawing" swearing, carping.Life and small quarrel ruin the romance.Become his muse again: light, elegant, fun, and it will be yours again!