How to return the guy who threw herself ?

How to return the guy who threw herself ?

Shortly after breaking up with a man suddenly realize that it was much better than without it, they start to appreciate its virtues, that did not notice, or did not want to notice when you were together.Common situation?Well - I will try to help you, lovely girl.In an article on how to return the guy she dumped, I will give you not only a couple of ways your young man's return, but also tell you how then again not to lose, not to apply then to the visitors of various sites and forums with a request like this: Man abandoned - I want to return.

method first

In order to return a young man, you will be required quite a bit: to convince him that you are very sorry for his mistake.Of course, his reaction to a sufficient extent will affect features of his character, however, as a rule, after sincere repentance, and perhaps tears (too - sincere) loving guy you will come back to you.It is necessary to overcome his pride and openly declare the guy that you made a mistake and want to fix it.You will in any case have nothing to lose, because you are really fond of the young man easily (or not) will forgive you this, but if he is too proud and vengeful, think - whether you need it?Love and pride do not always go together, and if you do not sacrifice for each other something, whether to build a relationship at all?And now, attention!Do not take a double like, because for the second time, no matter how sincere your words and tears are, a guy you can not forgive.And he's on it will have a much more compelling reason, as if for the first time it could be attributed to random error, here's the second - much doubt.And how to get a guy who threw herself a second time?Frankly, it's almost impossible, unless he is not too quiet nature.

second method

happens that confess in person or on the phone is difficult in its error, although such recognition would be an ideal option and did not hurt your pride.However, in this situation there is an exit.You have in fact probably have any friends in common, and email.Ask a friend or a girlfriend to hint to the young man, that you are very worried because of the gap with him and then send him an e-mail or "accidentally" send a message on Skype, in the "ICQ" or "contact".In the end, the method is not important, and the guy should realize that you have repented and you feel very sorry for what happened.And here's how it will react to it, will tell you a lot.A loving person single mistake (even if such serious) just always, though perhaps not immediately.In this case, it is possible to write once or even call.If a man remains adamant and will leave your acceptance without an answer and not answer the phone for weeks, think about it - and you need it?In the end, you do not change it, and the error is entitled to each and this reaction on his part does not correspond to the severity of your offense.There is already a question - and liked it?I advise you in this case to meet in person and talk to him to find out once and for all.By the way, it is possible that your young man has a new passion.In this case, do not judge strictly - in the end, is not it also left you, and has every right to start building a new relationship.In any case - be sure to see and socialize, it is still possible to correct sincere recognition without reproach and insults.I think you will succeed.