How to return the boy?

How to return the boy?

Relationship destroyed, but you still feel that you love him?How to get back ex-boyfriend?

methods and techniques are very much lower than would be the most effective given that the right approach to ensure the success of the restoration of relations.

will be described a method that really helped and that is unlikely to meet in magazines.I gave a guy like him and return to the previous relationship?

What girls like guys?For their ability to surprise, with the decisive actions (sometimes crazy).But from this, and it is a start to return ex-boyfriend (who has stopped loving you).It is not enough to be simple words, tears or rumors that you came another.For this we need to do things, do things that usually does a guy try to surprise him with something unexpected.But women are rarely the first to commit such actions, right?Love eclipses the brain, and then comes the turn of the heart, which also tells you how to get a guy that you like.For example, if she orders you to a huge poster in the city center with the words love and a list of your best qualities, that any man will cause a shock and make you wonder whether he really stopped loving this girl.Such actions are initially annoying guys, but eventually comes to the realization that the separation was a huge mistake, and this girl - she is unique and unrepeatable.

And now, as promised, a few techniques that girls and women's magazines is considered the most effective.

How to return the love of Man?At first all is well to consider whether you need a guy who dumped you, if you want to change for the sake of it or simply find another, more worthy candidate.

If you still want to return the former to get started is to assert themselves in a vital position, "all is well", because to undertake any successful steps extremely difficult in the doldrums, and ex-boyfriend to show that the mountain you are not eating, that alljust fine, life goes on.Maybe it is touches to the quick, and he changed his mind.

Do not rush, because if often put pressure on the guy, he was even more firmly established in the fact that you are fed up with him and that the decision to leave was the right one, you just need infrequent "accidental" meeting.

At these meetings is to be very calm, restrained, show that you are - an independent woman who has forgotten her ex.We must not pay any attention to the guy, it should hurt his pride, and then send a message intriguing character, if he otpishet or call back - the trick worked.

But here we must correctly play the picture much "surprised" interest on his part, and explain that the message was not for him, and supposedly imaginary Another young man, and then be followed by a reaction.If all goes well, and the former a little come to its senses, it is worth a few more days to talk on the phone, and only then offer an appointment, but it should go without tearful scenes and tantrums.

very effective method is when supposedly inadvertently to the former young man heard rumors about your new relationship, or at least that they are quite possible in the near future.Man, by nature, the owner, and it will be unpleasant, that someone will be there for you, even if you are in a quarrel.

An extreme measure is to spell, as a method to return the guy.Many women are turning to fortune-tellers such requests, but it rarely leads to something good.It is better to analyze the relationship and the reason for the gap.After all, no one but you knows the story of your love, but because the heart tells itself, how to get a guy and a relationship with him.It often happens that the girl, who returned the former, then do not welcome such relationships.Therefore, before attempting to resume the relationship with the former, think carefully, and whether to do it.If the bad guy treated you throughout your relationship and breaking initiative on his part, it is better to try to forget it and find someone who will truly love you.If you are happy in a relationship, but it is for your initiative, there was a break, try to win back the love can and should be!When you want to be with a man, you need to make every effort to do so.It is better to regret what you have done, than about what did not!