How to return the feeling ?

How to return the feeling ?

matter how passionate and romantic are not your feelings, over time, they still start to fade.Of course, if you are very lucky, they just become quiet, the sooner, deprived of his emotion.If you think that this is not true, then you are really happy person, love and feelings which have passed all the tests.The rest must make an important decision: to break all that connects you with your loved ones or to make an attempt to rectify the situation.If you absolutely do not know how to get a sense of a loved one, do not panic!The fire of love, you can maintain or re-ignite.Follow some tricks.

How to return a sense of the man?

  1. Do not lose your temper.He is constantly watching football and scattered things?His angry that you spend hours on the phone talking about "nothing" with friends and absolutely disgusting cook soup?But let's remember how it all began.You just poorly prepared and chatted on the phone, and he was throwing his stuff anywhere, and ran to watch the match.But you it is not hated!You will surely be touched him stupid habits, like him yours.You had a love and harmony, no matter what.Now, nothing has changed, think about it.It's just little things in life, they are not worth such quarrels.Therefore, try to smile the next time he throws pants on the bed and silently hang them on a hanger in the closet.He will answer you the same, no doubt.
  2. Common Interests.If you are thinking how to return the feelings of her husband, the answer is simple - find a common cause, a common topic of conversation, a family hobby.Take, for example, collecting.This is very exciting, not everyone knows what emotions experienced at the sight of a collector found the exhibit.You'll find new topics for conversation, new friends, and if you get tired, prefer something new, to sell the collection and received her cash award.
  3. Tourism.If you both love to travel, consider that you are doubly lucky.Take a tour of the beautiful places, and you will face a wave of impressions and interesting discoveries.And most importantly, you will experience them together.And do not forget that a change of scenery (a hotel room, a tent in the forest) is very much stirs the blood!
  4. Stay close as much as possible.Spend time together, otherwise regain the love will not work.And how to regain a sense of guy, if he can not see you, and therefore does not feel close to you, trusting relationship?Go together in a restaurant, cinema or concert.Arrange a candlelit dinner or a small picnic.And do not be afraid to show their feelings, because everyone wants to see and know that he is loved.
  5. Appreciate while there.People usually begin to appreciate each other, only after losing.Do not repeat the mistakes of others!It you have and it is only yours, you yourself have chosen it, so it is too expensive for you.Keep this in mind every minute, and your partner will feel the energy emanating from you.It is even more snaps to you, because you are the one who knows it like no one else and loves, no matter what.
  6. Nostalgia.Indulge in fond memories together.Often remember the day of your love, first date, wedding, birth of a child.Do not forget, as we could not sleep all night, and just wander alone under the night sky, enjoying each other's presence.Go back to the time to refresh your memory with new walks in the old place, and your feelings will flash, if set on fire with a match.
  7. not forget about flirting!Let your relationship lasted for a very long time, every man wants to feel like a real conqueror and women dream, to be admired and made compliments every day.Put the most beautiful and sexy, do yourself a haircut and go to a restaurant.Behave as if you are new, play, so he tried to charm you.Let him speak to you compliments, cares for you and invites you to dance.Do your best and your feelings back into place!

How to return a sense of the girl?

  1. Ignore."The less we love a woman, the more she likes us."And in this, oddly enough, it makes sense.Stop showing how much nervous, worried all the time.Show that you are confident, calm man with dignity.
  2. Be patient.Take the time to call and write messages to her, maybe she needs to gather his thoughts and relax a little bit from you.Perhaps, after weighing the situation, she realizes that she needs you.
  3. Freshen up your image.Remember that she likes to have, what character traits she admired in the beginning of the relationship.Try to analyze what has changed in you, and you will understand immediately how to return the feelings.
  4. Gather.Do not cry when a girl, do not show her your weakness, do not ask her to come back.So you it certainly does not need.She starts to feel superior and to move away from you even more.
  5. Jealousy.Engage her in the competition instinct, showing that wants to get to the other girls.But it does not change, so you have nothing to be reproached.

Can I return the feeling, it's up to you two.Anyway, it's real!