How to behave with the former ?

How to behave with the former ?

Throughout life, people often experience a romantic relationship with not one, but with several partners.At the same time, if one of the partners decided to break off relations, we will automatically pass into the category of "former".Meet with the former emotionally difficult, but the world is small, and we with them from time to time encounter.

What emotions arise during the meeting with the former

meeting with a former lover (-s) in the majority of cases gives rise to a storm of emotions, recalling the gap and the associated experiences.Especially strong emotions brings a meeting with the former, if they caught us with his new mate.Even if you now also have a new relationship, you still find yourself unpleasant feelings.And this is not surprising, because you see in front of their own, and not implemented, plans and dreams that could implement another person.

Even if your ex you are not impressed, then climb to the head involuntarily thought: "And if I just look the same?"If the meeting you are absolutely indifferent, it will feel dissonance in comparison with those feelings that had for this man before.In this case, you might think that after such a break would never be able to not love.

Even if the meeting with the former inspired by you fond memories of jointly lived pleasant moments of life, and you want to repeat it, you run the risk of being rejected immediately (if it has a strong relationship with another person), or later (as alreadyIt was).

How to behave with the former

How can I avoid all these unpleasant experiences?The short answer to this question is this: Be calm, polite and do not tighten the meeting.If

chance meeting raised a storm of emotions in you and you realize that you can not cope with them, the best way - briefly greet the former and leave.Refer it always possible that you have now urgent matters.A more detailed explanations are not needed, because you have no way related.

If you feel the strength to continue the conversation in a quiet channel, politely inquire as your former partner are going.This will create the impression of themselves as educated and emotionally balanced person.

Control yourself, in any case, let's not break out insults transferred.Remember, at this moment for you the main thing - to stay calm (so strong).

During the conversation, only touch this, do not remember the past.Memories can cause embarrassment or escalate the situation.

Also, do not zealous in providing attention signs.Here is a very high risk of being rejected and suffered a serious disappointment.Trying to restore the relationship or not - your private affair.But remember that statistically successful end only 4% of relations between the former restored.

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