How to fall in love with a girl?

How to fall in love with a girl?

you love, but you can not get from her reciprocity?In fact, you can try to make a person a sense of response, only need to know how to do it.How to fall in love with a girl?

How to achieve reciprocal feeling

To begin to determine whether you really want to love.Often such a situation that a lot of guys are confused in his feelings because of the banal desire for sex.You want it, and it seems that you're in love, but it is not.In addition, if you are familiar recently, then you may be a hobby, a passion, infatuation.After some time, the feeling usually passes.So first you must understand what you feel for her.If you are sure that it is love - then go ahead!

Important steps

Try to find as much as possible to do with a girl.This may be a consensus, thoughts, feelings and sensations.Lying is not necessary, speak sincerely and from the heart.For example, you go to the cinema together, she shares her impressions of the film.If it is the opinion of the film coincides with yours, share it!The more you will have in common, the closer you'll be to the girl.

Do your visits memorable.Going through with it as much as possible of new emotions.Let each of your meeting is always something new.For example, today you walk down the street together tomorrow, see a new film, the next day go to the new cafe, etc.

Girls like real men.A real man is by nature - the leader in the relationship.Of course, there are women who choose to self-sniveller henpecked, but you're not so !?You have to decide where and when you meet, what you will do.But do not forget to take into account the wishes of the girl.If it is something I do not want, it is better to give it up and find a more pleasant for both alternatives.The initiator of the first kiss as you should be.Most women rarely dare to do it first, and it will be so much more pleasant.But here the main thing - to choose the right moment.The kiss should not come too soon, otherwise it decides that you neserŅ‘zen.But not too late.If the guy is a long time kissing a girl, then she begins to think that he is not interested in terms of love relationships.

When you love, you constantly think about it and try to spend with her as much as possible.It is important not to overdo this.Leave her time for her to think about you, dream about your future dates, I missed.Do not show her your love relationship.The girls are not interested in annoying guys.No need to constantly fill up her new SMS Message, call every five minutes, tell how was your whole day.Bring her a short conversation on the phone, and their theme is to cause her only positive emotions.You can tell her a few nice compliments or laugh cute joke.

If you are familiar with a girl recently, then prepare yourself for long conversations.You want to get to know each other better.Therefore, pre-conceived answers to her questions possible, choose the most appropriate word.It is also a good idea to come up with a couple of the original questions to the girl.

Girls like guys that something stand out from the crowd.Of course, do not have to run to the hairdresser and make a mohawk on his head three-meter pink :) Suffice it to work on your style of communicating with others, to develop their own style of clothing, to get a rare or interesting hobby seriously carried away by something unusual.People "not out of the crowd" is always interesting.

How to be?

Be confident.This means that you have to be decisive, proactive, to have an opinion and self-esteem.Weak-willed and timid man will hardly be able to call in the girl reciprocal feelings.

Be interesting conversationalist who thinks non-stereotypical.

Neatness, tidiness and cleanliness - your indispensable allies.Not one girl will not be nice to talk to a man who has dirty fingernails or hair unwashed for a week.

Humor brings people together.A good joke to the place is the best to make your communication more easy and interesting.

It is very important to be honest.If your relationship is in development, and love just born, your lies can kill it for good.

well studied Woman.To this end, the interests of her life, to learn about it as much as possible.This will help you to behave with it.You'll know exactly what it does not offer, and what better not to speak, how to plan the next meeting, taking into account its sympathies, etc.

girl like a flower.The more water it, the more it blooms.Only in this case, instead of water, it should be compliments.If you aspire to an honest relationship, you should be compliments pravdivymii sincere, not flattering.

Do not rush things, let everything develop a natural swing.

forced her to think of you as a potential boyfriend.To do this, you can call her an easy jealousy.Her girlfriends have to admire you, a girl on the streets should give you a lovely smile.She will see that you are interested in other representatives of her sex and think of you as a potential partner.

How to return ex-girlfriend

And what if this girl - your ex?How to fall in love with ex-girlfriend?In this situation, you need to act a little differently, because during the relationship you have learned well enough to each other, and the above tips can help.

Be confident, be able to wait and endure.It is not necessary to show her how you feel bad, and put pressure on the pity.She should visit the quiet, confident guy who looks good and talks to her without hysterics and accusations.At this stage, it is useful to make some changes in their lives.Make another haircut, buy new clothes, find an interesting hobby, enjoy a workout.Kill two birds at once: stop sitting so grieve round the clock and change, and thus to become more interested in the former.

Do not try to mess with it for a while.Do not hang on the phone, throwing it elektronku letters.Shut up, and it will give a much more effective result.If you tell her not completely indifferent, she starts to worry, thinking of you might be offended that you do not take any steps to restore relations.

Remember the best moments that you have experienced together.For example, a memorable place in the city where you first confessed his love for her, or a cozy cafe, where was your first date.After some time, call her and just offered to go to a place to walk and talk.We treat her just as a friend, but not as his girlfriend.When you're on the very memorable place, gently talk to her about pleasant vopominaniyah.This will help to awaken the senses damped.

establish good relations with its close relatives.It may be brother and sister, but best of all - roditeli.U they had a good opinion of you, and they casually, but will remind her of you.

admit their mistakes.If you want to restore the relationship, not to avoid serious conversation.Try to analyze their behavior, understand what you were wrong, and fix it.About all this calmly and confidently tell the girl.She must believe you, and most importantly - to see the bug fixes in the future.

How does the love girl

You did everything you could.And how to know if a girl likes?What is the psychology of a girl in love?How to behave in love with a girl?

  • Love transforms the girl inside.She seemed to glow with happiness, she does not go, and fluttering on her face - a sincere and cheerful smile.It is becoming more feminine, kind and gentle.Already, even on those little things in behavior can be understood, if a girl likes ...
  • If a girl is shy, she would be afraid to confess his love.These girls gives their behavior.When they see a man whose love, their heartbeat quickens, they begin to blush and hide her eyes, often confused in words and can not be properly and safely express thoughts in words.This girl is seldom initiated joint pastime, but if something prompts favorite guy, she immediately agreed with pleasure.
  • girl trying to make themselves more attractive.It will be nice to dress up, can make a new hairstyle.She wants to be witty, cheerful and sociable in the eyes of your favorite guy.
  • She wants to care for a loved one.Make a surprise for him or surprise - a great joy for her.