How to fall in love with each other ?

How to fall in love with each other ?

Once you are friends, how fall in love with each other, you can tell your friendship.Because if you love to hate one step, from friendship to love - one breath.

If you - a girl who is in love with the best friend of the opposite sex, then you have a whole arsenal of ways to fall in love with a Man.But there is one caveat - the sophisticated women's tricks have to dismiss as superfluous.You already are a friend of his, and let the girl.Because boys and men in general, there is a very strict list of restrictions on the scope and conditions of "entry into a private club."They are very picky in choosing friends, and get into the "narrow circle" can only be on the condition that you deserve.

fall in love with another guy, a girl can only when she realizes itself girl.If you prefer skirts and dresses pants and jeans, you need to learn how to wear them with a certain femininity shares.We need to hack to death on your nose: the man loves his eyes!Even supershort haircut can and should beat so that it will become softer and more feminine than the long luxurious locks.The lack of make-up is only permitted in exceptional circumstances a joint ascent of Everest.Guys want to see next to a girl, and not just "his sidekick in the board."

existing friendship between a man and a woman gives the opportunity to know each other for a certain amount of time.If during this time you can become it necessary and indispensable man, then you have every chance to fall in love with each other.Boys and men are basically very conservative in their personal relationships, and change, such as gloves, their friends, they do not want.Men's friendships often sweeps them through life, which is why the criteria for the selection of male friends so hard.

How to fall in love with another guy-

  1. girl who is in love with the best friend, must first be a girl - soft, feminine, soothing in times of difficulties and exciting to success in life.
  2. friend - the one who is always willing to listen and give good advice.A life of a friend always ready to share with a loved one success, joy, concern, sadness and sorrow, and my advice to help implement.This makes all the difference between a girl-friend and soulmate.
  3. should always be a mystery to him, and to be interesting in any area of ​​life.Not worth a lot and obsessive talk about themselves, making it impossible to speak to a friend.Better to be for him every day new.
  4. Do not try to burden him with their problems and concerns - he did not want to drag myself to a girl who is not able to solve simple problems in life.Men like independent, self-sufficient and independent women."Problematic" girl fight off any interest to him, and, in particular, as a friend of the future life.
  5. Be easy to communicate, use your sense of humor to help his friend to look at life situations from a different perspective, by painting it gray days in light pastel colors.Boys Do not knowingly seek to have women friends - the notorious ladies they do not see the logic, but it has the ability to find a way out of the tangled situation.woman's brain works differently, and her intuition can save the fate of life in certain situations.
  6. simply and sincerely admit to his friend's feelings, who feel to it.Guys flatters female attention and forces you to look at with different eyes.From the viewpoint of the man, and not just another.

If you - the young man who is in love with a girl-friend, you will have more difficult because it will have to achieve.Wins.She initially did not see you as her spouse, so freely trusts you.But if you show all the characteristic persistence, gentle men with respect to the girl-friend, that you will succeed in conquering her heart.And your minds: the woman loves the ears!The feeling of love can cause only one who remembers it every second.

How to fall in love with

  1. girl-friend as a friend and as a man, and never in anything do not let the girl!Any promise that even accidentally slipped into the conversation, follow exactly and on time.Girls love obligatory and responsible young people.Keeping the promise, no matter how absurd it may be, will make playing the girl-friend at you with different eyes.Or rather, to try you as a life partner.
  2. your actions and words have to talk about its unique position for you.You do not have to put her in a situation where she will feel lonely with you.Any
  3. her request converted to you as a friend, you must perform, breaking even in the cake.This will be proof that you are able to solve any problem, as a man.
  4. talk to her, often communicate, with or without him.Call to ask where she dined, and how it feels.Understand how her mood, and what the weather is at it through the window.Be it an increased interest - it makes you wonder what would happen if you stop calling.
  5. Make her compliments.Just do not fall into vulgarity!Tell her what she has impeccable taste, what magic eyes, a soothing voice.And as if mimolёtom simply dropped into the conversation: "I am with you quiet and comfortable ... Just like at home.Yes, with you I feel at home wherever we are. "This phrase will help to engender in her subconscious germ of a deeper feeling than friendship.
  6. simply and sincerely admit to his friend, the girl's feelings, who are experiencing it.Women's substance sensitive to manifestations of love for man.And it makes you look at with different eyes.From the point of view of a woman, and not just another.

Love and friendship - it's communicating vessels.There is no friendship without a certain share of love, and love must necessarily be a strong friendly support.The main thing - not to lose the love of friendship in the process.Then friendship will not leave your love.