How to fall in love with a boy ?

How to fall in love with a boy ?

Love for all ages ... That is: you live currently live, not bothering anyone, and then - bang!He will appear in your life.And now all your thoughts are occupied with how fall in love with a boy, and you drink or have not you ... Leave a panic!In love, as in war: all good, and now look at how to make the object of adoration to pay attention to you.

To begin with, as in any operation, it will be necessary to conduct exploration: to learn about it in detail.Will suit any information - what kind of music to listen to, favorite color, shoe size, where he enjoys spending time with friends, favorite film, with whom he is friends - in short, anything.All this is useful to you, when you've reach your goal, and you have to communicate.

So, after exploration carried out, you must develop a plan to capture.Simply put, you need to find a common ground where you will be able to meet with him.For example, he likes to dance and walk in any school-studio.What is stopping you to go there too?

Or our subject - an avid soccer player and regularly plays football at some certain stadium.What a coincidence!After all, that's where you go for an evening jog!

Perhaps he likes to sing and is trying to create a rock band?And what can be a rock band without fans, m?In general, in this case is suitable anything.

Now that you Think often, you need to somehow inadvertently attract the attention.These little things are known any female individuals: they make the eyes brighter, so tint the lips, wear something that emphasizes the shape ... I think there will be no difficulties.

If we do not give such methods - move in an active attack: make the first step itself.If he is a football player - to catch the ball and passing it into his hands, turn all his charm and flirt.If rock singer - Ask for a rehearsal or ask for his autograph, saying that in the future when they become incredibly popular, you'll be able to sell it for a fortune.If he hip-hopper, ask him to show you some dance moves as he dances so well!

Now, when you communicate with them, here are some points that you should keep in mind in order to understand how to fall in love with a boy:

  1. Eye contact.Remember all those romantic movies that you've seen, and the most touching scenes where the characters look at each other's eyes.It feels as if they can see each other through, look into the very soul.Try it and you will like this: during a conversation, or if you just are next see him in the eye, frankly and without reserve, that he realized that you self-confident woman, and you have nothing to hide.
  2. Coquetry.Yes, undoubtedly there are guys who like tough girls, but most still prefer cute and flirty girls who captivate their femininity.That is what attracts guys, because opposites attract.
  3. Intelligence.In no case can not show right away that you are the winner of "most intelligent".But a fool seem too bad.Truth in harmony, and in conversation with a guy whom you plan to fall in love with yourself, you have to be a worthy interlocutor, it should be interesting to you.
  4. Comfort.Try to make him feel good in your company.Smile when you need to support it, say an encouraging word, praise his talents.People like to be interested in their life and their work - so do not deny him the pleasure.

All that you need to remember in the first stage of communication when you are just starting to know each other.And when you've had enough closer, it's time to remember the following saying: carrot and stick.Carrot you lure him, showed how you can be good, but now it's time to whip.

In no case should not start name-calling or somehow humiliate him - it is unpleasant to anyone.But showed some coldness.Show me what you've got their affairs in this life, friends, interests, personal life.It is as warm and responsive, but show him that you are in the first place the girl, and you also need to work towards.All men, regardless of age, hunters, and your task - to become an interesting prey.

'll see, will be held just a couple of weeks - and he is sure to be yours.Now you know how to fall in love with a boy, and then another secret on the way to becoming a real woman in your arsenal!