How to fall in love with the guy?

How to fall in love with the guy?

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How to fall in love with the guy?

Traditionally it is believed that the man seeking a girl who he likes.But if the situation is reversed: you like the guy, but he does not pay any attention to you?What now - decorously folded arms and wait for the weather of the sea?Of course, no one has canceled a successful combination of circumstances: he serendipitously pay attention to you, and everything will turn out.But a little bit of the real view of the situation does not hurt.Why not help him fall in love with you?To learn how to do something, tell on.

How to fall in love with the guy: general tips


First of all, you need to look feminine and attractive.Men fall in love with a beautiful and well-groomed girls - this is their psychology, because "men love with their eyes."But do not despair, if nature had not bestowed a bright appearance.Strive for maximum grooming, skillfully use makeup, get dressed with taste.Beautiful appearance - is a big plus for the girls, but still does not guarantee a happy personal life as some external data is not enough.

interesting personality

heard that there is a girl, looking at that, and ohaesh friend and say of their beauty, but when they speak, you lose all interest in them?To pass for a girl, you need to take care not only about their appearance, but also his intelligence, education, self-development.

interested in different things, read, learn, to know always something new, think, analyze.Become a versatile personality with their own interests, learn to be a pleasant and intelligent companion (but not abstruse and in any case not more intelligent than his chosen!).

But do not turn into a "walking Wikipedia": your goal - be smart and interesting (and for himself, and not only for the relationship is nice as well), but not everywhere seem abstruse and knowledgeable in all subjects.On the contrary, this You frighten off guy, so in all comply with the measure.


develop their femininity externally and internally.You know why men are drawn to feminine girls?Because they are attracted to the opposite, because it's inherent nature, and that's fine.Of course, there are difficult situations, and there are many exceptions, but overall is still the law of attraction between the strong, courageous men and gentle, feminine women.

In order to attract him to become so, to show her femininity in relation to it.Femininity is emphasized appearance (dress, heels, beautiful hair, soft clear voice, flowing movements, and so on. D.), The qualities of character and behavior (nice and easy to communicate, friendliness, kindness, gentleness, and so on. D.), Attitude towardit (admiration, respect and recognition, manifestation of fidelity and tenderness, and so on. d.).No need to strive in every way to the refined image of Barbie dolls, but femininity must be present in every girl.


This guy should talk more.You can give some advice on how to behave should a man, if you want to get serious relationship.

  • He was pleased to your attention and admiration - of this we mentioned just above.Interested in what he asks, is attached to his enthusiasm, praise him, ask him for advice, show him that he is an authority for you.
  • At the same time do not have to run after him, like a faithful dog.The girl who is standing next to (of course, in the beginning of a relationship) - it's interesting.Falls asleep the very ancient "hunter instinct", and one never knows how it will entice more confident and unpredictable woman.We must not forget about their own interests, to meet with friends, sometimes to refuse to dating, to be attractive to others (but not available - are two different things) - even if porevnuet, it is useful sometimes.
  • , sometimes you have to be unpredictable to be interesting for him to even be able to surprise (in a good way).Let each date will be something memorable, more improvisation and something interesting.To strengthen relations with useful experience new emotions: Dine in an unusual cafe, a concert, take a trip to a new place, jump with a parachute, Participate in the flashmob, etc.
  • If you want to marry him, do not limit his freedom...For many men, there is nothing worse, even unconsciously, what such a scenario development of life: he met - and then I'll move for you - get married - to take a mortgage, give birth to children, and we shall once a year for a vacation in Turkey.Let the relationship develop naturally and gradually.No need to ask him something, put ultimatums dissatisfied inflate sponge and so on.Do not push him, if all goes well, he will offer everything you want, if he is ready and he wants to.Do not ask him to always be with you: he has his own hobbies, friends, personal time, after all.No need to check his phone, notebook, correspondence to the VC, jealous of everyone and everything.Smart woman will do so to the best of her he was no one, and that she does not think about whom he, and he wondered where she was and why not next.
  • To become the sole and unique, it is necessary to "enter" in his life.As an option, as we have already mentioned - to support him in his endeavors and enthusiasm (frankly, the only way!).It is important to please his friends and relatives.Staying at his home, no need to "mark" the territory, spreading cream and a toothbrush on the sink.It is best to cook something delicious for his arrival, making culinary magic in the kitchen in his shirt or T-shirt, worn next to the skin.

However, in pursuit of a man should not lose his mind, and we must constantly analyze how well you reach your goal - to get him love.There is a type of men who like to just play and get favors from women.They are accustomed to take and give nothing in return, but you will enchant you, and she did not notice how fall in love for the ears, and then you will suffer.Particularly cynical is interesting thus check how the woman is still ready to "bend over backwards" to fight against it.

In such a situation it is necessary to say a firm "no", turn around and leave.How do you recognize this guy?It's very easy.If he says a lot of nice words and compliments, but absolutely nothing concrete is being done to please you, it is simply awash in your sympathy.If a man really love a woman, he always tries anything to please her and get her.In the same situation, the more you give, the better it will be and the more miserable you will be.

Relationship - is a mutual thing, where both love each other, show care and attention to each other.If not, then this person is just not your - turn around and leave.And if you think your loyalty to be able to win his love, you are deeply mistaken, because as a woman with no self-esteem is unlikely to achieve the love they need.

How to fall in love with the guy in the school?

School love - one of the most pleasant, naive and pure.Almost all of the school of its experienced, and those who have yet to go through, we will tell you a little about how to fall in love with a boy at school liked.

School Love begins with pleasant views on the break.Do not be afraid to look at the boy that you like, a little longer than usual - just let the look will be open and kind.Do not forget to smile at the same time.

Next - communication.We need to find a common topic of conversation, adjust the situation where you could have a conversation.You can start with a discussion of the lessons, teachers, and then go to the personal interests and hobbies.It would be great if you turn the event on the topic - just invite him as a friend to go there together.Yes, even if nothing like this, you can just say something like: "I'm so interested to communicate with you, can communicate more Let's take a walk together (then a - a specific time), or may converge (to something - a specific place)?"?.

observe the reaction of the boy.If he gladly accepts or offers something to himself, then all is well.Continue to communicate and be seen - he will get used to you, and you will not notice how your meeting will become a good-bye.If a boy finds some excuse or agrees reluctantly, it is better to leave him alone.

How to fall in love with a guy correspondence?

Before you try this, it is better to think about what will happen next.If you live in different cities or even countries, and some of you are not going to move closer to the other, it is better to not do this.No matter how cool any communication on the Web, in a relationship is important to the living presence close by, so sooner or later one or both want to "live" relationship, and someone will find someone in real life, and the other left with a broken heart.If the prospect is, you can try.

First you need to please him.Make yourself a nice avatar itself.Then he studied in detail his profile and find out what interested that he is interested.You can see his videos and listen to his music, something to add to his page, if you like.

Later, when he climbs on your page in the first place, fell in love with your beauty, and secondly, look in, what you are interested in (video, music, and so on.) And see it the same as at home.This will cause him concern: how, here's a girl who wonder the same thing as him!And care for you more closely.

Naturally, you can not be anywhere else slept.Get all of your overly candid photos, if there are any in the network (unless it is nice to know that you can stare at the other guys?), Photos with other guys (even if it is your brother).He must be sure that you have no one.

"soil" has been prepared.You can now start talking.Do not be afraid to write first.No need of any pathos and theatrical phrases - in the best case he decides that you're eccentric.Write intelligently, with a twist, original (for this good to be well-read), but simple and clear sentences.Do not overuse emoticons and diminutive form of the word - this verbal mush is often unpleasant and looks silly.Talk with him about it, asking about his enthusiasm, do not forget to talk about themselves.Do not praise yourself up to heaven, but do not scold.Very good to give him compliments about his appearance, mind, sense of humor and so on.It is important not to overdo it and do it naturally.

With you it should be interesting, even if he receives only positive emotions from communicating with you, and then love is not far off!More tips you will find in the article How to fall in love with a guy correspondence.

How to fall in love with ex-boyfriend?

before returning the former, you need to think about that, and whether it's worth doing at all.If he was Lapushka-zayushka, and you broke your fault and you then realized her mistake, the return is definitely worth.If he behaved far better, in this case you did not provoke such behavior, it is not necessary.Over time, this attachment, which spodvigla you to such thoughts about resuming relations disappears, and you meet someone with whom will develop a harmonious relationship.

Suppose you realize that it is - it is the one you need.What to do?First you need to understand that you irritated him and has ruined your relationship, get rid of it, to improve, to become better.

Then you need to make contact with the former.Call or write to him and find out how he was doing, whether all is well, he has already someone.If there is and you know that he is happy, then maybe, we should not interfere, and everything is exactly as it should be?If it is one, then you can try.

Suggest to see a friendly, socialize, go together somewhere (if you have a favorite place - a café, a cinema, etc. -.. That it is there!).Do not settle it with a proposal to be together again.For a good start just to show you that it is pleasant company and you want to continue to communicate with him.Configuring a friendly wave, it is proposed to communicate further.If he agrees, then all is well.

Then do not forget that you are now changed, and therefore will no longer allow ourselves to behave badly with them.It should be noted these changes.Gently return it for a sweet past -.. Put on at the next meeting of the dress, which so pleased him, invite him home and prepare his favorite dish, etc.

Over time, these "signs" instinctively return it to the happy past, butwithout the negative, because if you've changed, and then changed the attitude towards you.When you feel the right moment, you can tell how well you okay with it, you're sorry about the break and you want to put things back, but to start anew, if he does at this point will not offer you the same thing.

How do you know that the guy is in love?

important to find out, he is in love with you or not.It is necessary to pay attention to what and how he says to you, but nevertheless the truth, for the most part give action.Here are a couple of features that you can understand how to behave in love with the guy:

  • He wants to please you in appearance, so it is always neat, had a nice haircut and he stylishly dressed.
  • If it is not a cold-blooded man who can keep his emotions hidden under the guise of peace, it will be given his actions.Thus, for example, is usually modest and quiet man in your presence will begin to attract the attention of gestures, loud voice, and so on, and vice versa -. "Soul of the company" suddenly becomes more quiet and attentive.He may blush, turn pale, correcting your hairstyle and clothes, avert their eyes in the direction, etc. All of this -.. Signs of emotion.
  • It will show different signs of attention, try to impress, amaze, amuse you, show your wit and resourcefulness.He needs you to be paid attention to him and admired him.
  • He tries to often be in your society wants to talk to you, touch you.Invites somewhere, I agree, if you invite.
  • He was not interested in other women in terms of personal relationships and it is also frustrating when the other guys are turning their attention to the controversial you.He wants you to be just him and no one else.

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