How can I return it?

How can I return it?

Not everything in life is as smooth as we would like.Especially it concerns the relations between the sexes.Hex lot of nasty words to each other, it is possible to lose the closeness, trust.The relationship between a man and a woman may collapse in a matter of minutes.If the rupture has occurred, how to get him to think almost every woman.About it and talk.

Tips psychologists

Some psychologists say that every woman should think about in advance the whole process of relationship with a man.It is a kind of prevention, promoting strong relations in which man does not even think that at some point he can go.A woman does not have to think about how to return it.

What do I need?Frankly about everything, not to swear on the little things, do not criticize, do not require the performance of duties at any cost.And, of course, the warmth and affection in intimate relationships.

sincere desire to return a loved

said that for a specific decision, one desire is not enough.But in this situation, it is a sincere desire to bring back a man, it is imperative.After all, when you know exactly why you want it, it's easier to resort to wise decisions.If you want it back, this cry from the heart, not the mind, you will not work.

may have to sacrifice something for the sake of rapprochement with the one you love.Consider not only the steps on his return, but the measures necessary for their own change.Do not think of tourist trips, about the gifts that had hired him.The most common remedy for the magnificent "bonding" relationships is to understand male psychology.Do not press on pity, do not show your weakness.Discuss the issue, referring to the beloved with love and respect.

husband left his wife.What

When a series of insults and accusations on the part of the wife, lasts for years, the husband can not stand and walk away from the family.At this point, the woman thinks that she does not have the patience, I could say other words and behave differently.So when her husband was gone, his back becomes an obsession of his wife.First and foremost, she is thinking about the integrity of the family, about children who are in need of a man's education.

Now, the main thing to understand that speculate on the children is not worth it.Children - not a lure for the showdown.Deliver them from the details of the problem, do not speak badly about the father.Take care of them, namely, self-esteem.Honestly ask yourself the questions: what you do not like her husband, he did not like that you want, what you talked about in recent times?Responding to these questions, change your mind about yourself and about her husband.

How to return man back

At a young age guy loss is accepted as a painful defeat.Girls experience a strong emotional pain of separation from a loved one.They commit rash acts, and it only pushes guys.If such a relationship and to resume, they will not last long.And these guys grow into men, women cease to appreciate them and constantly changing.So, let's see if the man threw a woman, how to get it back correctly and safely?

sure to be engaged in them.Each personality is what to improve.Change the image, hobby, learn a foreign language, engage in sports, dancing, learn to communicate on different topics.The interest of the man to a woman is long.Conquer its delicious meals, clean the house, a kind word and flirtatious.

Analyzing the causes of the break in relations, not only blame the man.Do not discuss this topic with friends, family.Do not do that only alienate your loved one from you: do not insult, do not revenge, do not shout, do not show aggression.So you do not return the man.However, during a meeting shall be settled mutual claims.Express each other, what do you expect from the future relations, and how you will implement them.

not return it

Often, learning about the betrayal men lost credibility and respect.If it happened once, you see a sincere repentance, and you are ready to forgive, you who does not condemn.But when the husband is constantly unfaithful to his wife, not considered her feelings, and even raises her arm, what to do?Many women going through this horror, others advise: do not try to get it back!

Betrayal, physical and emotional humiliation of a woman killed a person capable of sober thinking and experience happiness.Do not let it!