How do I change it?

How do I change it?

Almost every woman at least once in their lives have thoughts as to correct some of the traits and habits of her husband, or how to change it.It rarely happens, so that all arranged in a man.Most often the other way around - irritation from scattered socks, resentment due to lack of attention or outrage due to lack of time for family.How many women spend on this his nerves, time and effort to abuse or beliefs.And all to no avail.

turns out, there are a completely different approach.Not every woman is able to adjust the man under him, but some of it still manages.First you need to figure out what not to do, so as not to ruin your relationship.

Do not do

  • can not open or manipulate the man ordering him.So their behavior you just call internal protest.Consider an example from his childhood, when parents you something forbidden, and at the same time you want it to do something contrary to their opinion.
  • If you want to cry, make or order - stop.You first of all loving woman, not quarrelsome grandmother.
  • Forget the constant languid and sad sigh, followed by complaints and requests for new fur coat or a beautiful ring.This behavior is only triggered the first times.Subsequently, the man thought, and if he does not find a more contented life and its women.From this behavior the man gets tired easily.
  • Never make your man to do something against his will.Otherwise, the responsibility for the consequences will fall on your oven: collapsed closet that you made to collect her husband or his lack of home, since you forced him to find a second job.

way to change man

Now a list of what can and should do to change your vote for the better.

  • Learn to put yourself in his place.Every person by nature is unique and has every right to be yourself.Think about it, and you would have liked his discontent for the continued waste, chat with friends or the endless talk on the phone?Of course not.In the same situation and it is.Review their behavior and attitude towards their men.Maybe you just need to give him a bit of freedom.
  • Turn your requirements quiet request.It is always possible without scandal to explain their concerns and experiences, for example, about the delays after work.And to ask, ask for it, and not require him to have advance warning of his schedule.
  • Think alternative to those hobbies that you do not like.For example, the husband spends more time with friends, preferring them to your company.Then honestly answer the question "Why?".Maybe spending time with your limited home gatherings or going to the store?But he needs to communicate, access to the people and new experiences.
  • always be gentle with her husband.Never compare him with other men: a neighbor, a former boyfriend or boss.A man must constantly feel your love and support, do not forget to speak to him about it.
  • One of the best ways to reach out to men and how to change it - just talk.Explain to your chosen one, what you do not like and why.The mental calm conversation you are sure to come to you need a solution or compromise.The main thing is not to start such a conversation immediately after the return of the men to work, or to achieve positive results will be virtually impossible.
  • Want a soft mattress to make a real man?Not that he could not change it because, as a confidence and a sense of supremacy in the family.Start with the house - let it make their own decisions and take responsibility.Always trust your loved one and believe in its power.And he, in turn, will do everything by itself best to justify your confidence.

Remember that a man must always be a man, and it is not necessary to wrestle with how to change it, just love and accept him for who he is.