How to forget the former love?

How to forget the former love?

He's gone?And you were prepared to do anything for him alone!You're fixated on it and just did not see other men.And he just packed up and left ... Now you are slowly fading, losing the beauty, health, youth, because I just do not know how to forget his love.But think about it, do not you need it?

Each of us is faced with a similar problem.With the idea that the house was empty and there is no one will wait, no one to cook a delicious dinner, can not be heard more than affectionate "good night."And no matter who dared to interrupt the relationship, even if it was you, it is still not easy.However, life does not end, and very often only begins.There are various methods that will give you insight as to forget her lover, only to pick themselves suitable.

To begin, you must itself want to get rid of this scourge.Worry, fear for yourself, your health, emotional state.Frightened, and then the desire to fight for their happiness will not take long!

How to forget the former love: Tips

  • Talk heart to heart.Each psychologist will recommend you, first of all, to speak.Do not keep everything to yourself, talk to a friend or consult a qualified technician.Less stay alone with himself and his "black" thoughts.Develop, go to the club, cinema, park, coffee shop, spend time with friends.You can also take myself watching a good comedy or reading an exciting book.Even the best option - to work out, not only to escape, but also to improve the figure.
  • Communication of the past with the future.Very often, women trying to return former husbands, even after they themselves have initiated the break.They forget about the pain that caused them ex-boyfriend.There are times when a couple becomes happy after converges again, but this is not always the case.To understand whether or not to return the relationship, it is recommended to wait 6 months and if regret for lost love left, you can make an attempt to return everything, if not - forget forever.
  • Rainbow emotions.If you still had to leave, try to remember their hobbies, loan creativity and you will not notice how time flies.And time, as we know, treats!
  • Parting and forgiveness.Your marriage broke up.How to forget your ex-husband?Try just to forgive him and let it go.Not to find out a relationship with him at every meeting, but simply covet him happiness.If you have made a final decision to sever relations, scandals and mutual accusations have not exactly help.Needless to say bad about it in the company of friends in common, all immediately decide that the negativity is caused by a sense of anger and revenge.Especially because the memories will deepen the state of stress and make you relive unpleasant moments again.
  • Towards to happiness.Tear off all contact with her ex-husband - Take away his phone number, e-mail and everything else.Of course, if you have no children together.Carefully assigned to a new novel, fleeting encounters, psychologists advise not to succumb to momentary impulses, as they do not bring the joy of the first time.

We hope our article will help you survive the separation from a loved one once, and tell you how to live.In the future, you decide for yourself whether or not you communicate with your ex, and maybe you'll even be friends.Good luck!