How to stretch jeans?

Everyone knows this property jeans - stretch.Because some buy a little more skinny jeans (so you do not hang), and some believe that this property denim will help them to get into your favorite dzhinsiki (which, however, has almost running out).And no wonder people think so, because the stretch jeans can really be.However, remember that everything has its limit, and the measure of the rate.Just remember that the jeans - it's still not rubber.Do not torment the already stretched jeans with the belief that you are still fit.Better then buy new.

Stretch Jeans: Consider ways

as stretch jeans in the waist, hips, buttocks.

If this new jeans will have to make an effort.Wear warm thick tights.This is not only an additional criterion of stretching, but also some protection of your skin from excessive friction.Next, pull the jeans to the limit.You can go for the convenience when jeans are already on the thighs, it will facilitate buttoning in the abdomen, as in the supine position, belly a little "fall down."Buttoning jeans and gently get up.On his knees crawl is not necessary, or pull them, but it's probably not what you need.Just walk around the house, sit down on a chair and stand up, lean (in the side, forward), make broad steps.In general, perform all the actions that contribute to tissue stretching.Walk as long as you can.

If the method above does not help, go on.Soak jeans in warm water and wring out.Putting on wet jeans and do all the same thing as described above.The slopes, walking, wide steps, etc.The main thing - you have to be in jeans no less than 20 minutes.After the jeans can be dried naturally or iron.If you are going to iron, you can further stretch the cloth (you may need an assistant).Iron strained wet jeans.

Since stretch jeans sometimes you have only one place, for example, in the belt, can be wet only that part and do all the same.

Some even advise to use to stretch jeans special foam created for stretching shoes.Apply the foam on the seams and then all according to plan.Don jeans, put on top of another foam (tightly) and walk.Tip: Wear stockings, even if subtle, are already to protect the skin, you never know how it will react to foam.

Another option even more addition to the above methods.Of course, in the sauna for you look sideways, so it is better to do your own bathroom.Turn on the hot shower so the whole bathroom was in a pair.Sit there in jeans.This method is more addition, since it is not necessary for a long time to sit in a "sweat lodge" in jeans, it is unlikely to be useful for the organism.As a way out, you can write jeans (very tight!), Rags, pillows (if you do not mind) and put in a "pair".In such an embodiment can be longer and, most importantly - do not overdo it.

radical way.Thrust jeans on the side seams, yourself or take them to the studio.Let them just pereshyut to size.

Remember that stretch the length of jeans in these methods are unlikely to succeed.This is due to the peculiarities of the fibers.The transverse fibers are stretched generally well, while the main thread that runs along the length of jeans, is virtually impossible to stretch.