How to forget the first love ?

How to forget the first love ?

first love ... quivering, delicate, clean ...

first love ... passionate, fleeting ...

First Love ... Unforgettable ...

And is it possible to forget the feeling which opens the door for us into a new,this exciting adult world? .. Is it possible to forget the first love, first kiss and the first confession?Is it possible to forget the "goosebumps" and "butterflies in my head"?Can I forget the trembling at the knees and eyes glow favorite?If all this is to forget that, then you need to remember ..

Should we forget the love

Maybe instead tormented question: How to forget the first love?- Better to find memories of her nook in your soul and draw them strength and wisdom, purity and youthful enthusiasm throughout his life?

Another thing is how to learn to live with the knowledge that everything went that first love never happen again.How to let go of it?How to tell her: "Good-bye!"?After all, it hurts.But believe me, it must be done.O-os-for-tor-but!

Relive your personal "end of the world" and to tend towards the future - this is the task of those who first love, alas, has not led directly to the altar.But how to do it?After all, the heart is torn to pieces, and the soul of all its fiber tends to retain, restore, save!

time - the best doctor

Nobody claims that this will be easy.But time - our best doctor.It is good that we have no control over it.Every passing day you leave a particle of your pain, as she does not run dry.Every night - another step toward healing.There will be days and weeks, months and years pass by.The pain is gone, but the memories will not reopen the soul.All this will be ... When something ... Of course ... But this is still need to reach.


How to forget the first love?You simply fill the void created by your soul, something that would be interesting for you.Find a hobby.Take learning, career, sports, tourism.YES climbing, at the end of it all.Only without the unnecessary extreme, of course.

Try to have no time for such foolishness as self-blame and regret.And your only dream in the evening so be good night's sleep, not tears in the pillow and suffering in the moonlight.

Love - an incentive to creativity

Or here's another.Ever wonder why so many poems and tales of unrequited love?First it's love or not, but it always moves to creativity, helps to reveal talents.whether in prose In poetry there.In painting or sculpture.In architecture and needlework.

How to forget the first love?A rummage-ka you confidence.Surely, somewhere inside of you dozes some untapped talent.Implement it means.Create, create, share their achievements with others.Try it, and very soon you yourself do not know.From melancholic sufferer and you will become a whole creative person.

Open heart for new love

And popular wisdom discount does not worth it.And she says: "Fight fire with fire!".Let not very nice it sounds, even if you do not want to put up with such bluntness, but this saying is verified by many generations of lovers.

Know somewhere walks the earth and your significant other.Someday you will necessarily find each other.There are kisses and hugs will be tears of happiness and radiant smile.And Waltz Mendelssohn sounds just for the two of you ... And ahead - children, grandchildren, and a long and happy life.But the first love you will always remember.Remembers with trepidation, with a smile, with a touch of sadness ...