How to bring midges ?

How to bring midges ?

Surely each owner of the apartment faced with such unpleasant phenomenon, like annoying gnats in the house.To get rid of insects, it is necessary to find the cause of their appearance and destroy not only the lice, but also the larvae.In this article we will talk about the main causes of the emergence of insects, and about how you can get rid of them.

Causes of midges

In most cases, lice infest the kitchen, in the colors, in the bathroom.Kitchen insects are usually found on rotten fruits or vegetables in water clogged, wet rags.Mote also proliferate in moist environments, for example, if you immensely to water the flowers.That is, midges often is put where there is moisture and dirt.Consider the main causes of midges:

  • not regular garbage pickup or poor hygiene bin;
  • spoiled fruit, vegetables and cereals;
  • muddy water in the aquarium or irregular growth of green algae;
  • contaminated soil in a pot with flowers (especially as a fertilizer used tea leaves);
  • stuck in sewage sludge pieces of food.

How to bring lice from apartment

To midges not start in an apartment, you should:

  • always comply with sanitary standards;
  • monitor the hygiene of pets (dogs, cats, fish);
  • use special means against insects in the apartment.For example, at the market are proven tools such "Fumitoks", "Oksaftal", "Ministry of Agriculture 22".Before you use them, study the instructions for use carefully.

Now consider, how to get black flies in the kitchen and in the colors.

Getting rid of gnats in the kitchen

To get rid of lice kitchen, you need to:

  • promptly take out the garbage from the apartment;
  • remove rotten food;
  • hang sticky traps (also inside the cupboard);
  • observe cleanliness and order on the kitchen table;
  • periodically wash sink remedy fat and various blockages.You can also use a regular soda.The sink hole, pour a little baking soda.
  • maintain perfect cleanliness of the apartment.

addition, review and iterate through all grain products in your kitchen cupboard and shelves, wipe vinegar or soap solution.

How to bring midges in colors

Colored lice - are insects that spoil the leaves and the root system of the plant.To display the mosquitoes in the colors, follow these steps:

  • reduce watering colors to a minimum;
  • slide in pot five or six matches (sulfuric head down) and apply for foliar spray of potassium permanganate;
  • use insecticides to the soil, "Agravertin", "Malathion", "Thunder", "Fitoverm";
  • land for fertilizer in the pot, apply wood or straw ashes.

Now you know how to get the lice out of his apartment.To help you and another article from our website - How to get rid of lice.