How to forget the man ?

How to forget the man ?

Sometimes there are situations in life when it would be better to forget a particular person.It is easy to say and do, at times, very difficult, especially if you have quite a strong affection for the man.In this regard, I want to offer you some effective tips on how to forget the person.This and a variety of psychological training and installation, and simple tips, proven experience of many people regarding how to forget the person you love.

Psychological techniques - "occupational therapy"

If you are in a difficult situation, do not despair!Are you concerned about the question: "How to forget a person?"Psychology offers us a number of rather effective and, in general, many known methods.The basic method is to switch attention to some other activity.And the main role is played here physical stress.In fact, do some sports, and especially if it's endurance exercise (running, biking, load in the gym, and in the winter - skiing and skating), in this case, under intense stress, you will simply have no time to think about somethingelse.And when he comes home after work or classes, the only thing you're thinking - how to quickly relax.Several smaller effect, but also quite substantial, given the various intellectual pursuits, which, however, on the part of the person to be a very serious concern.In addition, to forget a person, you have to work or engage in, as they say, in socially useful work.That is, the main support is still in the "occupational therapy" is, and no matter what (in any field) is expressed.Therefore, the question of what to do to forget a person, we say this: to work up a sweat.

yield of emotions

also psychologists are strongly advised not to keep their grief to themselves.If you want to cry - cry, I want to cry - cry.It is necessary to pour out their emotions.Forget about the type settings: strong men do not cry.Believe me - more like a cry, otherwise they would have long since broken.Only strong people do it away from prying eyes.As for the attitude of others to you, then the only thing that should be avoided - is to allow others to show compassion towards you.No need to feel sorry around you - it's better to just support you that are near, amuse, distract from unpleasant thoughts.But exercising in relation to other self-pity, the people render them a disservice.The man spared, often drops his hands, he does not want to go out of his depressed state, while often wondering why I can not forget the man?And yet, the answer is simple: between true compassion and pity - a real pit.Sympathy supports and self-pity - suppresses the will.Surrounded by a pity people do not even realize that, in fact, he is free, and brings herself almost to depression.So chase away pitying and grieving and joy cheerful and positive people.

How quickly forget the man?

Whatever methodology we used no matter what psychological training or carried out, really can help us only one thing: the awareness.The realization that a new life free from the former attachments.For example, the person you just can not forget, you are seriously hurt.Think about what this outstanding this man?As you can affect the way that he did?I will answer - in any way.That's the life of me: there is no way to force the person to be different - it can change and change their attitude towards you only himself, of his own volition.And if you do not want to change the attitude, think: why he's that good for?Why ruin your nerves, and therefore - and your health, because the one who betrayed you?With such a person you will not be happy, it will tell you any psychologist, and a sorcerer, who offers to try a magical ritual - such as conspiracy to forget the man - provided that this sorcerer honest enough.No psychology, no magic is not in a position to cause a person to become another - he can reach only his own mind, his findings on the basis of personal experience and interaction with others.So, if wiser - come and ask for forgiveness.Do not come - yes, okay, is it really worth such a nerve?In this case it is better to forget all human - and without any regret.

If the offender - you

Something to hide - the situation is not simple.But no wonder they say: that is done - done.Yes, it can be very painful, but often think that I could have done differently.Well, first of all: could not, and secondly, and this follows from the first: it makes no sense to worry - and why.I do not advocate fatalism, but if we honestly examine the events that happens to us, we will notice that much of our lives is actually happening in spite of ourselves.And it is not no philosophy, but a real reality, which is analyzed, you will look at life with new eyes.Let's start from the beginning: we wanted to be born?Let's face the obvious fact that our birth took place against our will, most certainly - by the will of our parents, but because they did not plan that we are born it is, is not it?What happened next?We did not choose the parents, house, did not choose the environment, just life, over and over again put before us are certain circumstances that we somehow cope and adapt to that.It was purchased our personal life experiences and formed character.Why do I say this in detail?Because, honestly analyze your past relationship with a person whom you just can not forget, you'll realize that just could not do otherwise - if only because of his acquired nature.This is nobody's fault, it just happened - and let you feel any better.So do not give up, just take this situation for granted - and as a learning experience for the future.If you will be easier: weep, grieve away from prying eyes, and then lift your head and quietly live on - in fact ahead in life are so many interesting things!