How to grow mushrooms ?

How to grow mushrooms ?

Many of us love mushroom dishes, such as soup with porcini mushrooms or fried potatoes with boletus.Mushrooms have long been considered a delicacy and valued people for their great taste and delicious flavor.But wild mushrooms - a pleasure now quite rare and not available to all.How can that be, if you want to treat yourself to a mushroom, but the money is not so much himself to the forest behind them do not go and poison your body any chemistry there is no desire?Out of this situation, of course, there's the benefit for a long time people have guessed how to grow mushrooms yourself.This method allows to obtain a steady harvest of absolutely safe for health, relatively inexpensive and very tasty mushrooms.In addition, they can be collected at any time of the year, not just during the summer-autumn season, that you will agree, is important too.

How to grow mushrooms at home

Before we start talking about how to grow mushrooms, you must warn you that not all types of mushrooms can be grown at home.For example, if you hit on the idea to plant mushrooms or chanterelles, have to disappoint you - to do it does not work.Artificial way possible to grow mushrooms, shiitake or oyster mushrooms.By the way, how to grow oyster mushrooms, you can learn from another of our articles.There's talk more about the cultivation of mushrooms.

How to grow mushrooms

Ate you're not going to start the mushroom business, and just want to grow mushrooms, as they say, for the soul, then you would be enough for this place, even on a small summer cottage.Mushrooms can successfully grow in basements, cellars, barns, greenhouses, and even just in the beds near the house, as long as it complied with the necessary conditions - constant temperature near 15 degrees, high humidity, good ventilation and poor lighting, asmushrooms, unlike green plants do not need light and can grow even in the dark.Direct rays of the sun affect on them fatal.The most important thing in the cultivation of mushrooms - the ability to prepare the substrate correctly, which will subsequently be planted mycelium.

Preparing a substrate for mushroom cultivation

best basis for such a substrate - this horse manure, the content of which is about one-quarter of the total weight of compost.The most high-quality manure is obtained from horses that are fed mainly oats and contain on a bed of oat straw.If you can not find the horse manure, you can use cattle manure and even bird droppings, but will be somewhat lower in this case the yield of mycelium.The remaining three-quarters of compost - it is wheat or rye straw, part of which is acceptable to replace sawdust or hay.

to spawn in the area of ​​three square meters should be enough for three quintals substrate on which the preparation takes about a hundred kilograms of straw, to which must be added about two kilograms of ammonium nitrate and 30-40 kg of manure.The straw should be a pre-soak for one day, then you can proceed to the formation of the compost heap.To do this, straw and manure stacked layers of 25-30 cm thick on each other each alternately alternating them.The layers of straw lightly watered and evenly sprinkle saltpetre.Just pile should have 3-4 layers of manure and the same number of layers of straw.On top of the heap is necessary to build a shed, or cover it with roofing material.start fermentation compost after a few days - a complex biochemical process, accompanied by strong evolution of carbon dioxide and ammonia, and raising the temperature to 60-70 degrees inside.Pile stirred several times with an interval of five days and added to 5 kg of compost.conventional chalk and 2 kg.superphosphate.After three weeks, the substrate will be completely ready.

Planting and growing

  • preferred to grow mushrooms in a separate box that can be placed in any suitable location, for example, in a home greenhouse or in the basement.The substrate should be densely filled with wooden or plastic boxes, the height of which must not be less than 25 cm., And leave them for a couple of days for the sealing and cooling of the substrate.
  • can now begin to squeeze them sterile mycelium, purchased in a specialty store.On one landing square meter you need about half a kilogram of mycelium - grain or compost.To put it
  • necessary small portions into the wells of a depth of 5 cm., Placing them in a staggered manner at a distance of a quarter of a meter apart.The wells were then need to go to sleep compost on top and gently tamp it.Grain mycelium can simply be spread evenly over the entire area and cover it on top of the substrate.
  • After planting boxes should be installed on the prepared place for them, and try to maintain a high indoor humidity and a temperature of about 25 degrees.
  • Two weeks after planting in the substrate have to fill boxes with a thin layer of soil, reduce the temperature to 15-17 degrees, and regularly and thoroughly moisten the soil surface with a sprayer.

and a half or two months in the boxes will be the first small mushrooms.