How to align the site?

How to align the site?

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How to align the site?

plot in the country only occasionally represented evenly coated.Most often, their owners have to deal with serious differences terrain (there are high hills and large pits).Therefore there is a need for alignment portion.Let's talk about how to do it right.

Site preparation for leveling

Before leveled land in the country, it is necessary to hold a series of preparatory work.They are as follows:

  1. Clear the area of ​​grass, thorns and bushes, as well as fallen leaves and debris.
  2. Divide dacha territory into 9 equal parts and mark its clubs.
  3. then pull them the rope.But do so at the same level to be seen, which land portions have irregularities.

section alignment

completing the preparatory work, you can go to the main, which are as follows:

  1. Determine where in the area there are hills.Then remove them with a shovel.Earth remaining after leveling mounds, pour into the pits on the territory of the villa.If it is not enough, you need to purchase the ground.
  2. Now take the tiller and walk them around the site, do it twice - far and wide.
  3. further treated soil using a rake several times.
  4. The final stage will need to take the barrel, pour it into gravel and sand, and then add water and securely resealed.That weighting shell need to walk around the site.This will not only create a perfectly flat surface, and tamp thoroughly swept.As a result, even after the spring floods the soil is able to retain its shape.

Important nuances

If you want to build on a plot of fertile layer of soil but it has a poor quality, it is recommended to use for filling holes bought Solid ground.Also because it is required to form the upper layer.Its thickness should be at least 40 cm.

If the soil at the site is too clayey, it is recommended to buy the sand.It needs to be spilling over the entire territory of the villa.Then proceed to the processing section by means of a rake and hoe.As a result, the soil is thoroughly mixed with the sand and will get more dense structure.

If your site is large, that without the involvement of special equipment you can not do.Otherwise, this work you will leave a lot of time (from several weeks to 2-4 months).Thus, the alignment of the soil can be performed using the tractor, but first need to identify it bumps and holes.Final alignment should be performed using a grader or a bulldozer.

Once your site will have a perfect surface, it will be possible to think about what kind of buildings and landing on it to do.To cope with this task on their own, should be guided by the advice given in the article How to plan the site.