How to do tricks with the yo-yo ?

How to do tricks with the yo-yo ?

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How do tricks with the yo-yo?

toy with a cheerful name "Yo-Yo" is one of the oldest toys in the world.To date, no specific data about where it came before it - in the Philippines, Greece or China.Of course, then it was called very different, but the meaning and the principle remains the same toys.There are many ways to have fun with the help of Yo-Yo.You may like to do tricks in the Yo-Yo independently and with enthusiasm to see how others do it.

less modern yo-yo consisted of two coils that are connected to the axis.These were attached and then wound the rope.To date, Yo-Yo highly modified.It now has a ball bearing, which increases the rotation of the toy body to the end of the rope.This innovation has allowed to carry out a lot of tricks, thus opening great opportunities for players to hone their skills.Lineup of modern yo-yo of different housing materials of manufacture, weight, shape and size of the body.As well as the brake system and the types of toys axis.Ropes are used to Yo-Yo are also made of different materials, different way to weave some threads and, of course, vary in length.Now knowing which of our toy is made, we can try to get acquainted with how to do yo-yo trick.


Those who have just started to familiarize with the toy, of course, will be of interest, Yo-Yo tricks for beginners.Let's go step by step, you need to do.

  • Learn how to wind the rope, in order to then it was possible to surprise friends and acquaintances with his skill in the performance of different tricks.To do this, we need to take a toy in his left hand and make one revolution so that the rope could embrace finger.We shift the little finger with a loop, and then do the usual round of four.After - remove the pin and pulls the rest of the rope.
  • Take Yo-Yo in the other hand.Tie the rope to the middle finger so that it was wound around the upper side toy itself.Next you need to bend the arm so that Jo-Jo was at eye level.
  • We dramatically lowers his hand down and do emission.During this feint palm it should be placed to the top, but as soon as the yo-yo spin up until the end, we need to expand a little hand and pull the rope to the toy back in our hand.

Now we discuss some tricks with the yo-yo, which training and after - performance will bring a lot of positive emotions.

tricks to perform tricks called "Star", it is necessary to throw the yo-yo in the side and put in front of the index finger of your left hand so that the toy can turn around your finger, and then go back to the rope.Next, grab the rope with your thumb in our left hand and thumb of the right to delay one of the two parts of the rope, which is wound on the index finger of our left hand.As a result - we get a figure, which is shaped like a star.This element is the basis for many other, much more complex tricks.

equally famous trick with the yo-yo is a "bunny".Starting the same performance as in the case of trick play "Star".Just throw the yo-yo does not need through the index finger and thumb through, our left hand.Now you need to throw the yo-yo around the index finger of his right hand, and then, respectively, on the left.Now we catch our toy on a rope.After that, we need to reset the far side of the rope with the index finger of his left hand.With proper execution, we get a figure that resembles a bunny.Only after will be able to perfectly perform simple tricks with the yo-yo, you can proceed to more complex.

If you need a visual reproduction of simple and complex tricks with the yo-yo, you can find videos easily - Yo-Yo tricks online.With the help of this video, and you can watch and learn at the same time.In any case, after a while, you can become a real ace in the treatment of this wonderful, fun toy.As you can see, nothing complicated.The main thing - to fill his hand.You will be able to quickly understand how to learn tricks with the yo-yo, if you practice a lot.