How to get rid of the former ?

How to get rid of the former ?

If the problem of the former relationship before you got up so abruptly that even had to ask the advice of the World Wide Web, it requires an immediate solution.

problem, how to get rid of the former boyfriend or girlfriend is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.You just need to look at it from the inside, as the most (or most) itself and try to penetrate into the thoughts of the former partner.

Situations breakup:

former haunts me

And indeed, when the former passion on duty near your entrance, trying for the umpteenth time "to figure out" your currently non-existent relationship, it can not keep on their toes.In the language of psychology, this is called stalking.Not the course, which is professed Don Juan, but only the state of obsessional harassment against the backdrop of unrequited love.Such a person is sick.And it is necessary to act with extreme caution.

reject and be rude - it's the worst thing you can do in this case.Any pain caused in relation to this person - this is another reason to let him enjoy his own insignificance.Understand, once it comes to this, then he does not love you, and your own pain.From that and get incomparable pleasure.It is a kind of real masochism.So how to get rid of a husband or boyfriend?

To begin depriving him of his own source of pleasure - his pain.In no case do not behave aggressively or roughly.One should not talk about their new relationship, if any - that would just be the king's gift to our stalker!

not need and take the blame solely on himself, saying words like "all about me, you deserve (-on) better."In this case, you are risking to hear something like, "Honey!I will heal you!I will save us! ".

Well, if all went showdown transcendent face remember that 99 percent of such people - a coward.Someone needs to talk to him, otherwise it will not stop.But, in any case not to use physical force!Remember, his pain - is a powerful source of his own pleasure.Do not make such gifts!

According Beigbeder, the love lives of three years.Here are three years and have to endure the attacks of the former, if you do not make the effort and wisdom to resolve the conflict.

Narcissism former passion

This also applies to the question of how to get rid of ex-boyfriend, and to how the final part with the girl.For this defect refers to both sexes.The problem is that someone has decided that he or she is too good to be thrown.

Now efforts must be applied just to the side of aggression.Make it clear his former patient narcissism half what you personality.And with a personality to be reckoned with.There are times when he or she begins to remember all your mistakes in the past.Let such a person understand that he does not dominate you show fortitude.And if in the first situation, have to deal with the losers, in this case the person better "break off".Once a daffodil will see you in the company of a decent man, all claims instantly evaporate.And most importantly, our daffodil cease to mislead your mutual friends.The reason is the same - he is a coward.

former wife

Marriages are crumbling, too, so the question is how to get rid of his ex-wife is relevant.The answer is simple: just be a man and do not hurt for no reason the one who swore in love.Talk as before.And the problem will disappear.

At the end I want to say that from the relationship, you need to think only the head and not ... and then your bright ideas never attend a thought on how to get rid of ex-boyfriend, a girl, a husband or wife.