How steamed broom ?

How steamed broom ?

As in the past, and to this day, an essential attribute of a true Russian bath-house was and remains a broom - oak, nettle, birch, juniper.Each species has its own spirit broom, aroma and carries its favor, healing power.In Russia, healers and doctors have the knowledge of what will need a broom for the treatment of each specific disease, and as a steamed broom with this diagnosis.It is for these purposes stocking various broom: sagebrush, spruce, oak, eucalyptus, nettle, garlic and others.

Why zaparivat broom

The sauna fact, there are several techniques park the broom.For example, freshly brooms are not subject to steaming, because in this case the leaves become very sticky and heavy, but in the bath will spread an unpleasant smell peculiar paired hay.Yes, and such steam brooms unpleasant and painful.The steam coming from them "heavy".That is why a fresh broom should simply rinse in unheated water a couple of times.

If you intend to get well and healing water, which will succumb to the stones, you should hold the broom a little water (a few minutes).The main short-lived, as the nutrients can go completely into the water, and the broom will lose its natural aroma.

How steamed broom

It is very important to know how to properly steamed broom.Thus, the well dried broom, first rinse several times with warm or cool water.Then put it in a basin of warm water, and do not take out 10-15 minutes.Most often, such a basin is covered with another basin, in order to better brew.

If the broom was steamed in hot water (not hot), then he quickly osypletsya.The same result is expected and the broom, which is held in the water for more than half an hour - he quickly obmyaknet, and after a couple of visits to the steam room leaves become heavy and will scatter.

As zaparivat oak broom

Produce steaming oak broom can be different.

  • Fresh green oak twigs, so that they do not lose their properties, first rinse in warm water.Then immediately begin to hover.
  • Dry oak broom initially immersed in warm water, and then allowed to stand a few minutes in cold water, then re-immersed in warm water in a bowl, and do not touch the order of five minutes.Then pour into a bowl even hot water and close the lid.Wait 5-10 minutes, and immediately begin to hover.If you hold a broom literally ten seconds over hot stones, then spread on the forest bath fragrant aroma.
  • There are more ways of steaming long oak broom.For example, it can be put in cold water and let stand for several hours (about 5-10).Further, before the actual soaring wrap it in a damp and thin cloth and leave in a steam bath for a few minutes on the bottom shelf.After steaming broom this way, it will last longer and acquire softness and aroma.
  • ensure long service oak broom can be, and applying this method.In the evening broom rinsed warm and then immediately hot water, strushivayut and put in a plastic bag of appropriate size.By morning oak broom is ready for use, and it will have to prepare the bath, zaparivaya a fresh broom (fastest way).

How steamed birch broom

When the bath of hardening of birch twigs, dry branches of his erstwhile returns elasticity and flexibility.There are several ways to brew birch broom to be applied taking into account the objectives and needs in the bath.Here are four methods of how steamed broom for a bath.

  • Birch broom rinsed under running water, then dipped into a bowl of cold water for a few minutes, and then shift into a bowl of warm water for five minutes.Topped up to boiling water and covered with a lid, leave for 7? 10 minutes.
  • Broom soaked in enough cold water for 10? 15 hours before evaporation.A prior to use, wrap with a damp cloth and placed in a steam bath for a few minutes on the bottom shelf.
  • One day before the hike in the bath, dry broom wrapped in a wet cloth and put to soak.Immediately prior to steam, unfold the fabric and scalded with boiling water birch broom.
  • most common and fastest option steaming birch broom looks like this: put it in a basin of hot water up to 10 minutes and then taken out, go to the steam room and a few seconds is dried over the stove.

Everything is now possible to bathe!Use a variety of brooms, what your heart desires.Good luck!