How to get rid of dampness ?

How to get rid of dampness ?

The problem faced by the inhabitants of moisture brick houses, prefabricated high-rise buildings and even newfangled houses.If you feel in the apartment persistent smell of dampness and mold on the walls lesions appear - get ready for a long and difficult struggle.We'll tell you how to get rid of the dampness of the house and why it is necessary to do this as quickly as possible.Because consequences can be dire and irreversible.

consequences of dampness indoors

Here are just some of the problems that face, just not eliminate humidity in the room plohoprovetrivaemom:

  • damage of natural wood and leather;
  • backlog of wallpaper and floor coverings, natural;
  • allergic reactions in humans;
  • multiplication of harmful microbes in the air, causing frequent colds;
  • persistent unpleasant odor impregnating clothes;
  • catastrophic breeding of mold and other fungi;
  • crumbling plaster inevitably, if there is dampness in the apartment.

How to get rid of moisture

There are many ways to overcome the dampness, without holding the capital repair works.First of all, you need to determine the reason for its occurrence.Consider the most common options.It is most often:

  • idle ventilation shaft;
  • reheating unnoticed by neighbors;
  • poorly insulated houses;
  • leaking roof;
  • plumbing fault;
  • cracks in the walls or between panels.

If you determine where moisture comes into your home, you can easily stop its spread by using our tips on how to get rid of dampness and to prevent its occurrence in the future:

  • ventilated area at least once a day.
  • Clean the hood against dirt.
  • Buy bathroom electric towel rail.
  • Do not hang wet clothes in the room.
  • Use mobile dehumidifier.
  • If you do not know how to get rid of the smell of dampness, buy Ozonator - this is the most effective means.
  • Seal the joints between the panels and insulate the walls (outside, inside).
  • sure to use the hood when cooking.
  • waterproofing room in the basement you can use dry mix based on cement, in apartments - or bluestone roll waterproofing.
  • very well absorb moisture sugar and salt.But especially popular antiquated method of dealing with the dampness does not use.

Now you know all about the fight against the problem of obtrusive.If you eliminate potential causes of dampness, and armed with these tips to get rid of excess moisture and prevent this problem more than you will not be pestered.Good luck!