How to chop wood ?

How to chop wood ?

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How to chop wood?

talk about firewood.And to be precise, that of how they prick.Not everyone knows how to chop wood, but many people think that there is nothing easier, if only the power was.The strength of the force, but then you need a special skill that can be called art.Imagine that you have a cottage, in the late autumn really want to heat the stove or fireplace, to warm the spirit went through the house.So, we need to gather firewood.

How to chop wood

Where to start?First of all, make sure that you are all right with health.This process is very time consuming and requires a lot of physical strength.If health is OK, then you can collect the tool.Namely, you will need:

  • Cleaver - is a tool that his appearance is similar to the ax, but he was not sharp and more massive.If cleaver forged, it is a big plus, because in the course of work on the choppers are sometimes beaten with a sledgehammer and ax cast not always withstand the load.If the ax is heavy, they will be easier to split a log, but its mass is less important in the work than the form.The best splitter one that forged blacksmith on your order.But, cleavers, which were manufactured in the factory, also acquitted themselves.
  • Sturdy board or scaffold - a subject on which you are chopping wood.If you attach to this work on the ground, then you will be very uncomfortable, since the land springs, extruded and blow cleaver is softened.

technique splitting

learn how to chop wood, this video can see everyone.And we will try to explain all the techniques in words.Firewood hardwood will be harder to crack, and from soft - easier.Ax, which is necessary to take the ax with both hands lower.The lower you will undertake for him, the more you get hit.Legs place wider than shoulder width.In this position you will be easier to make a centrifugal blow and not to falter.When chopping firewood can fall or bounce logs.Stand when your feet shoulder-width apart, provide you from injury.

Strike you should put sharply and abruptly.It puts all his strength.This splitter has to move in an arc, then he himself will provide the best penetration into the wood.You can add the impact force due to the fact that you sit down, the impact will become more and speed.

If you hit already done, the ax may stay in two positions: the tree split and he was stuck between the legs or in the block.Cleaver does not bounce or step aside.There may be another case: ax stuck in the wood.If he was in a block of wood, then tap on it with a sledgehammer, and the tree will break, and if it is not much wood pierced, then pull it back and knock again.Be careful splitter if bounce, you are not tapped.

get everything but not immediately

cut wood from the first one has not yet learned.So please be patient, do not despair, if not immediately be obtained.Be careful and follow safety precautions.It is recommended before starting to wear special glasses to prevent splinters in the eye.Do not try to cut through at one time all the wood, and then the muscles may ache and back.Well, if the first chopping wood, you will find a person who would in practice have shown you the whole process show you your mistakes and in control of your first steps.