How to smoke in the smokehouse ?

How to smoke in the smokehouse ?

aroma of smoked meat beckons, and certainly want to taste a piece of smoked fish or chicken.Delicious!Initially smoking products used to prolong their shelf life.But to underestimate the unsurpassed taste and flavor smoked simply impossible.Because this method of extending the shelf life of products made from simple, even capelin delicacy.Smoking - is the processing of the products to ensure a smoke-oxidation and bacterial effects.This is achieved by smoldering wood of different species and at different temperatures.This method of processing stain products in an attractive golden brown color and gives them specific aroma and taste amazing.To date, there are three ways of smoking products.And you can smoke and yourself enough today models smoking devices that can be used even at home.But how to make your own smokehouse, can be found here: "How to make a smokehouse?".

Types smoked

  • Cold smoking.This type of smoking provides temperature control within 18-20 degrees.Time products processing long enough - 2-4 days depending on the size and type of products.Use cold-smoked wood predominantly hardwood and better if it will be dust.You can add wood chips or small size.With regard to products for cold smoking, it is best to choose, for example, fatty fish varieties.Because this method leads to dehydration products.Fish at Cold smoked remain fresh longer if her gut.To learn how to smoke fish in the smokehouse can learn more here: "How to smoke fish?".Cold smoked require thawing and good prosola products (1-4 days), you can add spices, seasoning, bay leaf, and d. N. Salted in brine products better, so they soaked a liquid and will be more succulent.However, the dry salting method extends the shelf life of products, respectively, after smoking, to several months.After prosola products must be washed, podvyalit, dry at least a day, and you're ready for smoking.
  • Hot smoking.Smoking hot smoke is about 12 to 48 hours time.This method of smoking keeps food fresh, not as long as the cold smoking.But there are also advantages: Products obtained juicy, fragrant and do not require pre-salting.The temperature of hot-smoked for chicken, ham is - 80-100 degrees.How to smoke in the smokehouse chicken, so she turned fragrant and just melted in the mouth, can be found here: "How to smoke a chicken?".Products for hot smoking can be pre-boil, especially if they are large.And you can do, and vice versa: obsolit, soot, and then boil.
  • for semi smoking.This process is an intermediate between the two techniques listed above.For semi smoking not only allows you to smoke meat, more detail about the methods it can be smoked peek here: "How to smoke the meat?".But also products such as barley malt (to be used for the preparation of beer), some teas, cheese, chilli peppers.The actual process for semi-smoked similar to the cold, but the higher the temperature - 50-60 degrees.Food is first necessary to pickle, wash and dry.Time for semi-smoked process takes about a day.The taste of the products closer to hot-smoked, but kept a little longer.

Choosing wood for smoking in a smokehouse

from selected wood depends as aroma, taste, and then whether the products are suitable for use.The most suitable wood species are considered to be juniper and alder.In tropical countries with abundant fruit trees used wood apple, pear, respectively, aroma and taste is just stunning.Also suitable birch, oak, linden, maple, alder.

way you can learn how to smoke in the smokehouse bacon here: "How to smoke the bacon."In general, smoking product variants enough each time to enjoy the new taste.You can add a recipe something of their own and "invent" a new unique taste.