As starched napkin ?

As starched napkin ?

handy people who are engaged in knitting, quite often wonder how to make knitwear shape and rigidity.It is worth noting that there are many options for shaping the product.For this purpose, sugar, starch, starch-gloss, gelatin, PVA.

means to stiffen


consider how to properly starched napkin using starch.To make the product take the form of maize, potato or rice starch used to make the paste.The proportions depend on the desired degree of "resistance" of the product.So, to give a weak rigidity dissolved 1 tbsp.l.starch in a small amount of water;medium and strong - 1.5 and 2, respectively.The paste is prepared as follows: put the pot on the fire with a liter of water.As she begins to boil in a small amount of cold water dissolved starch and pour in boiling water with constant stirring.Cook until the paste until the liquid begins to thicken and the bubbles appear.The paste is considered to be cooked properly if it is uniform in consistency, transparency and contains no lumps.

The cooled paste dipped cloth, pre-laundered and bleached.Once the cloth absorbs "jelly", it is drained and straighten on the surface, giving the desired shape.When the napkin will be slightly damp, warm iron to iron it through a piece of x / cotton fabric.

Gloss starch

also many women, love needlework, wondering how starch knitted cloth-gloss starch.There are two recipes.To take the first talc, borax and wheat or rice starch in a ratio of 3: 1: 5.The second recipe is used rice starch, borax and boric acid in a ratio of 8: 10: 2.The resulting mixture is well stirred, is applied to a piece of cloth fabric, and then immediately to iron a hot iron.Napkin gets a brilliant view.If you want to starch white product, the starch, dissolved in skim milk.


To prepare the sugar solution take 3 tbsp.l.sugar, pour in 1/2 cup of boiling water and put on a small fire.Then, as soon as the mass heats up, with constant stirring, it is administered in advance dissolved starch in cold water.Cook until bubbles on the surface of the solution.The cooled paste is applied to the cloth.It is worth noting that such starched napkins are very sweet, and, therefore, will be to attract insects.


In a small bowl mix half a cup of glue and glass of water.If the mixture turns much thick, you can add some water.The solution is applied to the product and left to dry.


needlewomen also interested in how the starched napkin using gelatin.In a bowl pour a glass of water, poured a tablespoon of gelatin and leave to swell.Then, the water volume was adjusted to 250 ml.and put on the fire until the gelatin is dissolved.As soon as the resulting solution is cooled, it is placed in the product, press and shaped.This method is good starch baskets, hats, vases, because the result lasts a long time.

worth noting that not be starching ferrous thread.They are shaped with the help of chemicals.