How to learn tricks ?

How to learn tricks ?

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How to learn tricks?

tricks with cards now very popular.For their demonstration is enough to learn how to skillfully wield a deck of cards.We'll talk more about how to learn tricks.

First offer some guidelines that will help you in the future easier to perform card tricks:

  • Develop hands.Fingers should be flexible and nimble.
  • Learn how to play any musical instrument - it will train your fingers.
  • Purchase a quality deck of cards.
  • Almost all card tricks are based on the credit and excellent memory, which is necessary to train all the time (for example, the store count in mind the cost of purchases).
  • need to develop mindfulness.

So, consider a few simple tricks.

Aces top

need to expand the cards into 4 pieces, stir in a little trick;resulting in the top of each part has to be one ace.

The secret: in reality Aces are placed on top of each portion.

  1. originally lay aces on top of the deck.Let the present divide the deck into 4 parts.It is necessary to watch, where the aces.
  2. Let those present take any part with no aces, remove the top three cards and move them down the part, then put one card taken from the top portion, all the other parts.
  3. Then let them repeat the same thing to all parts without aces.
  4. Now viewers do the same thing with the part, which has aces.They will move the 3 cards from top to bottom part, and then distribute it on the map for each stack.As a result, if you open the card on top, they are all aces.

Let money

Give the audience choose any card and put it back into the deck.Deck shuffle, and you turn over one card, then you give money because subsequent card will be conceived.

Secret trick: Stir deck.Fan the cards and ask them to draw a card and show everyone except you.Shuffle the deck again, take half of the stack and put the selected card in the lower stack.Carefully look at the bottom card of the stack top.Remove the deck several times, until you see the bottom of the deck of the desired card.Then remove the deck again.Begin to take one card until the desired.Put the money on what the next card will be a key.Flip the card and collect the money.

Easy Eight

For this trick you need an assistant.Place eight cards face down so that they repeated the arrangement of symbols drawn on the map eight.Close your eyes and allow the person to choose any card.When you open your eyes, your assistant will indicate the eight-card and ask "this card?", Then you call the correct map.

The trick lies in the fact that your assistant will indicate the location of the symbol on the map eight card required.The trick would be interesting if the same thing to do again.

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