How to learn tricks ?

How to learn tricks ?

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How to learn tricks?

Tricks, cunning tricks in the hands of an experienced master is like real magic.A good trick is a cocktail of sleight of hand artist, optical illusion, diversions, special equipment and props.To learn how to learn tricks, can tell the various sites, training videos and manuals, by which five minutes you will be able to call himself a magician and perform simple card tricks.But his skills prestidizhitatora need to continually hone and improve to eventually really excite the audience focus magic.

If you decide to consolidate its reputation as a wizard and master of focus, if you are no longer a secret, how to learn to do tricks, then you should understand the rules for three magical arts:

  1. Never argue with the audience.If someone in the audience too close to to expose the secret of your focus, gently distract, you take away the cunning, but in no case do not argue and do not be rude to him.Otherwise, the effect of your magic will drop to zero.
  2. not disclose the secret of his focus, even if it is asked to tell your close friends.Focus devoid curtain of mystery - not the focus.
  3. speak in public only rehearsed to perfection tricks.Do not put on display raw and has a risk of failure of the material.Take care of your "magic" reputation.

If you have just decided to learn how to learn tricks, video training and examples of famous artists, illusionists will be useful.In order to find such examples, open any website with video files (for example, the same You Tube), type in the search bar phrase like "Focus Training" and check out the video on the search results.In addition, many sites dedicated to just focus magic, it will help you learn at home and in a fairly short period of time, and learn tricks for free.K article included a couple of examples of videos that will help novice magicians realize that for the ability to extract a cigarette from the air, and the ring - it is not necessary to levitate or sell soul to the devil, nor held a dedication to the monks of Shaolin.

Once you realize that nothing is prohibitively difficult to know how to get the hand to conjure, and you can go directly to the training and stunts himself.Consider the magical skills on a pair of very simple tricks.

How to learn to juggle with a glass and a coin

In order to show this trick, illusionist required: coin, glasses and scarf 50x50 centimeters.The magician shows the audience a glass filled with water standing on the table.Viewers see that the glass is empty.

Magician is a spectator and ask him to come.At this time, the magician covers the glass with a handkerchief and makes magical passes.The viewer approaches, the magician pulls off a scarf with a glass and the viewer sees in a glass is the coin.

Interpretation focus

Coin advance is adhered to the glass bottom.If the glass is empty, then a coin in it will be seen from all sides.If it is filled with water, the coin will be visible only from the top.Seen from the side, it will not be visible.

How to learn tricks with cards - a trick "Four AcesĀ»

magician asks any man from the crowd called the number from 20 to 10, and lays out a specified number of decks of cards, one in a separate pile.Then, the magician finds the sum of digits of the title number, removes the resulting amount from the top of the piles, and returns the card, putting them on top of the deck.The top card magician puts aside the "face" down, and the rest of the card puts in place.Then juggler again asks viewers to call a number from 20 to 10, and repeats the same three times, as long as the side not remain four cards.The magician opens deferred map - all of them are aces.

Interpretation focus

Before beginning the focus magician puts all the aces in the twelfth, eleventh, tenth and ninth place on top.The rest happens by itself.

focal Learn magic and amaze all who are around.The main thing - no cheating!