How to watch 3D?

How to watch 3D?

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How to watch 3D?

Almost everyone watching videos or pictures in 3D-format.With the help of special glasses we are transported into a new world of perception.Let's talk about how to look 3d.

What is 3D, you can learn by reading our article.

transmission technology 3D-image


To view the used glasses, which in turn is closed then the right, then the left eye.This work is done by the source, which is mounted on the device and looks like a small battery.With such features of the stereoscopic effect is achieved.

advantage of technology transfer is the original resolution of the image with minimal distortion.

That image is supplied to each eye separately, in some way is a disadvantage.This is due to the fact that the frequency programmed for each TV model, and viewing 3D-content, this fact can affect the perception of dynamic or, conversely, slow scenes.

Another drawback of these points is that there is a big strain on the eyes.However, most people get used to the picture after 10 minutes, and the discomfort disappears.


When this technology is applied to the image with both eyes simultaneously through 3D-glasses are called passive.

These glasses are divided into two types: anaglyph and polarization.

  • Anaglyph glasses are made from cardboard or plastic frames and glass of blue and red colors.

These glasses are inexpensive, but the surround effect does not reach the high quality plus is often distorted color images.

anaglyph glasses, you can do it yourself, using the means at hand.How - read our article How to make 3D glasses.

  • polarizing glasses.They are divided into two types - circular and linear polarization.

Circular polarization allows free head position while viewing 3D-content, while the use of glasses with linear polarization provides a vertical position the viewer's head.

downside of such points is that the image will be darker than real because of the coating film polarizing glasses.

Polarized glasses are relatively inexpensive.The advantage is that the eyes when viewing is not tense and not get tired.

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Ways to view 3D content-

  1. stereoscope - a tool for viewing, "volume" of photographs and pictures.It is a binocular optical instrument.The principle of operation is that if you remove the camera at any stage with 2 points located at some distance from each other, and then there are 2 pictures which are called stereo pair, the viewer can see the three-dimensional image.When viewing a picture one eye focuses on a single figure.
  2. Anaglyph 3D-glasses.instead of lenses inserted in a frame filters allow you to see 3D-images.Since color reproduction when viewing the content is broken, it is recommended to use these glasses when viewing black-and-white images and movies.
  3. Mirror 3D-glasses - stereo glasses consisting of 2 pairs of mirrors.To view information technology is used the mirror angles.With this device you can see photos and video only in a parallel stereo pair format.
  4. Polarized 3D-glasses.To view the contents of this method it is necessary to comply with an essential condition: the screen must be silvered or aluminized.Due to the high cost of such points can be found only in specialized theaters.
  5. -Shutter 3D glasses.The principle of operation is an active technology that we described above.These glasses can be used not only for watching 3D-content, but also for playing computer games.For a qualitative view you want to use a monitor with a high frequency.
  6. stereo glasses with multi-band filters.Installed on the lens filter passes only the blue, green and red.After going some glasses filtering waves, so the user sees 3D-image.
  7. Video Glasses - a device that consists of a virtual screen and headphones.Wearing a device on the eye, the TV screen will appear in front of you, which visually is located at a distance of 2 meters.Points can be connected to iPhone, iPod or iPad and enjoy your photos and videos on the go or at home, as well as the device is intended for playing computer games.
  8. helmet virtual reality - a device that is worn on the head, consisting of a video screen and speakers.Stereoshlem creates a 3D effect by supplying images for each eye separately.Video glasses are advanced form stereoshlema.

View 3D-content without special devices

  • To view stereo pairs used method of crossing the eyes: it is necessary to focus each eye on your image (right eye looks at the left image and vice versa).This procedure helps the brain form a 3D-image;
  • a picture with a pronounced repeating pattern must be considered at arm's length: relax your eyes and try to look as if through the image.Next, move the picture of yourself, to yourself, until you see the three-dimensional image;
  • When viewing 3D-images is difficult without special glasses, you can put the printed image of a glass door cabinet.Now look at the picture through the glass, adjusting the distance in steps;
  • When viewing 3D-movie without the glasses need to focus on video, turn a blind eye when they are tired;
  • also for viewing video using special TV that does not require a 3D-devices.