How to view stereo pairs ?

How to view stereo pairs ?

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How to view stereo pairs?

Many know the word "stereo pair".Stereo pair is a pair of nearly identical images, located next to each other.If you look at these pictures in a certain way, the image turns into a flat volume.However it is not always easy to achieve this effect.Some how they may try, it is impossible to see the three-dimensional image.Today we will give detailed instructions on how to view the stereo pair.

What is a stereo pair?

stereokartinok effect arises due to the fact that each eye sees a picture, as if you looked at the object in reality.That is why a stereo pair consists of two images - one for the right eye, the other - to the left.Classic stereo pairs are arranged horizontally, at a distance of inter-pupillary distance the human eye.

There are several types of stereo pairs.

  • Previously, all were stereo image to be compared.The optical axis of the eye should be roughly parallel to each other when viewed.They have the right picture is intended for the right eye, the left - to the left.To see the volume, one must look into the distance, and not focus on the details of the picture.
  • Cross stereo pair.Pictures are also arranged horizontally.Here the optical axis of the eye intersect: the left image is intended for the right eye, the right picture - on the contrary, to the left.When viewing is required to reduce the eye to the nose.Such stereopicture often can be seen on the Internet, and we'll talk about them below.
  • There are also vertical stereo pair.Here the pictures are arranged one above the other.How to view a vertical stereo pair?Viewing is possible by using special stereoscopic glasses and player for viewing stereoscopic images.

How to view stereo pairs: User

Here before you cross the horizontal stereo pair.How to look at it to see three-dimensional image?First, make sure that you are able to reduce your eyes to the tip of the nose - this ability you need to view stereo.Take a pencil and hold it in the nose.Not taking his eyes off the pencil.Now you can go directly to viewing stereo images.

  1. To begin choose some simple stereo pair, where one thing stands out clearly and there is not much detail.
  2. Sit up straight in front of the monitor so that the opinion was sent to the center of the screen.Keep your head exactly - even a slight tilt of the head hurt to see the horizontal axis of the image.
  3. Look at the picture defocused look, do not concentrate on the details.You can bring your finger to the screen, and then slowly bring it to the eyes.Sight should focus on the finger.
  4. peripheral vision, you will see how the image changes.At some point, the images will be combined with each other.As a result, before you will be three images, the center of which is the bulk
  5. Now it is important not to hurry.Very slowly move the view of the three-dimensional image and enjoy!Several training and you learn to see the effect without the aid of a finger.

stereo pair to view on your TV, you need stereo glasses.

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