How to collect Lego ?

How to collect Lego ?

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How to collect Lego?

One of the most popular toys for both boys and girls is the designer.Lego company has more than sixty years makes such toys for children and allows them to express their imagination.Not only children but also adults enthusiastically collect various figures and structures out of Lego.If you want to learn how to build Lego and what you can gather from it, then read the article.

When buying designer included with the items you will find assembly instructions.The box is drawn from the designer model, which can be assembled from a kit of parts.As a rule, for the assembly of the model in the image, you'll need all the parts in the kit.If you have accumulated several boxes with the designer, then you can start to dream and create their own designs.The more detail you have in your possession, the more fun to collect the new model.

How to collect Lego

If you first hold in your hands a box with a designer, you have to perform the following steps:

  • Print box with the designer.
  • Find assembly instructions, assembly diagrams and parts list.
  • In the list, check whether all the parts have to complete and in the right amount if.
  • Now consider the circuit and start the assembly carefully.
  • Of all the parts you should have a model shown in the box.

in each box with the designer has instructions on how to assemble Lego.But over time, it becomes boring to follow the same instructions.In this case, you can try to collect their own models of parts of one or more sets.Lego The company produces a myriad of sets, so if you want to experiment, then there are no limits to fantasy flight.


model from Lego bricks can be assembled virtually any design.If you have exhausted all the ideas and do not know how to build Lego and video instructions can help.Around the world, children and adults were collected from all sorts of Lego models of equipment.From small parts can be folded in any subject.From Designer, you can add up the people, houses, trees and animals.Very popular kits for the assembly of the spacecraft, rovers, racing cars and huge ships.Small copy of any miracle of technology can be folded from a set of plastic building blocks.

How to build a Lego gift

If you want to surprise your friends and family, some of Lego can make an original gift.Set for such a gift, you are unlikely to find on the shelf, so you have to use ingenuity and imagination.On the 8th of March or birthday can present a small flower made of Lego.For Easter can be folded out of Lego colored eggs and rabbit figurines.By the New Year can make figurines of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

How to make a Lego model

If you have a lot of pieces of Lego, you can search for a suitable scheme of the Internet.There are many designs that were invented Lego fans.Using this scheme, you can immediately find out whether you have enough details for it.You can also find the image of the model from the designer that you like and try to copy it without the scheme.This is a more complex version, since you will not have an accurate circuit model.And finally, you can draw the circuit yourself.It requires certain skills, but the scheme can get inaccurate at first.Take the subject of the picture that you want to collect and make out of it a scheme raschertiv different parts detali.So on time, you will understand how to draw their own schemes and how to collect Lego them.