How to collect model?

How to collect model?

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How to collect model?

Everyone knowsthat adults, like children, love to play with toys, with some adult toys are for fun and entertainment, while others require a serious approach.One of these "serious" adult toys can be considered a prefabricated model.For many men, picking machines, tanks, ships, etc.It becomes a serious hobby.This article will talk about how to build the model is correct, any recommendations and advice must be observed that the work was successful.

What to collect?

Of course, the model can be collected from any desired material - paper, iron, plastic, wood, leather, rubber, etc.But if we're talking about parts kits for assembly of models that you can buy in the store, as a rule, here we are talking about plastic or wood.Models of both materials are going pretty easy, though, as a rule, have to paint the wooden models, but the plastic elements have the desired coloring has immediately.

Qualitative tools

Good work starts with a good tool, this thing known, and therefore also in the collection models to start with the selection of the correct aids.No matter what material you want to build a model, you will need a sharp knife or side cutters of high quality materials (these items will help you clean up various clues and minor tweaks).In addition to the side cutters and / or knives come in handy sandpaper and glue, paint and brushes.

Preparing parts

In the preparation of the material plays an important role, from which you choose to collect.If you are dealing with a tree, then each item must be carefully inspected for "burr" and use side cutters or a knife and sandpaper to remove them if they are available.

If your model is made of plastic, then, as a rule, all of its parts are fixed initially in the so-called runner.Details of the gate are separated by a side cutters or a knife, and place cut grind sandpaper.

Two helpful hints:

  • not be separated from the gate once all the details - so you risk losing small items.
  • Despite the fact that, as a rule, model painted after assembly, especially small parts makes sense to colorize assembly.

Collect and sticking

So, our tools and parts are ready, which means you can start assembling the model.As a rule, the model is glued, but in some cases, the assembly is done by special fixing devices, with which is equipped with every detail.In the second case, the work for assembling the puzzle is similar to collecting only puzzle in this case in the form of 3D.Nothing complicated about this procedure to select and attach Circuits.In fact, in the gluing it is also of particular complexity is not, however, still some tricks we have to share.

If you want to paste a large item, you can use a brush or squeeze the adhesive directly from the tube, however, follow the orderly, slap model glue - is simple enough, but clean it is not always easy, especially if most of the models are already assembled.

When gluing small parts glue application, you can use an ordinary sewing needle - poke a needle into the glue and then carefully move it to the item.Since we are talking about small details, some of them (and maybe all) have painted, and therefore when gluing they must be very careful.

Either way, be prepared for the fact that the adhesive remains in the joint model, the reason lies in the fact that it is a little "leaks" with pressure on the item at its attachment to the model.Dont be upset!This problem can be solved.If you want to remove these flaws, use special modeling putty, it is easily applied with a conventional wooden toothpicks, and purchased at any large store, which sells models.Sometimes the filler may be included with the model.

Paint and varnish

Professionals for color models use a special tool called the airbrush.This tool is sprayed with compressed air, thus it has a small size, and therefore allows you to work gently and apply the paint evenly as possible.Nonetheless, beginners can use conventional brushes and paints.The important point!When painting the models are not recommended to mix the paint.If you want a gray, just buy the gray, not black and white mix.Professionals claim - mixed paint faster obluplyayutsya.

Even if you work with high-quality paint and do not mix anything, the model must be covered with varnish, or paint fade.

In the beginning of this article, we said that to paint plastic model is usually not necessary, but there are, nevertheless, plastic models and painting.In such a case is very responsible approach to the choice of paint and varnish, as some types of inks corrode some types of plastic.

final touches

kit assembly components for tanks, ships, etc., as a rule, consists of special elements - masts, cables, miniature pirates and sailors.When the paint and lacquer dries, you can do, perhaps, the most fun job - the placement of most of these auxiliary members.Here, perhaps, it is not necessary to give any advice - all at your discretion!

Well, hopefully these tips will help you put together a really beautiful model.

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