How to behave at the club ?

How to behave at the club ?

Nightclubs - one of the most popular pastime of modern youth.Therefore, we propose to discuss in more detail how to behave in a club, in order not to cause disapproval or ridicule from others.

basic rules

Of course, in every such institution has its own entry rules and behavior, but still there are basic and the most common rules that should be followed when visiting nightclubs.

  • entering the club, hand over to the dressing room all unnecessary things: garments, bags and packages.If you are worried for the safety of things, the most valuable of them keep in their pockets with them.It refers to the phone, money and keys.
  • There are a number of items that are not allowed to bring with him to the club.These include fire, gas or knives, cutting and piercing items, explosives, drugs, potent medicines.
  • In most nightclubs not allowed to bring with them alcohol and any non-alcoholic beverages.All products must be purchased directly at the visited institution you.
  • At the entrance to the club, be prepared for the fact that you can check the contents of a bag or pocket.In this case, it is better not to resist, and assist security service.
  • The club can not beat the dishes or damage property institutions.In the case of non-compliance with this rule will force you to compensate the caused material damage.The amount usually get a lot more than the actual cost of damaged items.


  • If you absolutely do not want to or you can not buy alcohol in the club, you can drink a small amount of the house.Home poreborschit not otherwise want even more protection or refuse you the entrance to the institution without any explanation.
  • Remember that if you break the rules set by the institution, the security and administration have the full right to "ask" you to leave the club, or to ban its further you visit.
  • Do not hide in the bag his companion drink with a view to discreetly carry them into the house.Believe handbag - the first object to be scanned security.

Photo club

Not many holidaymakers know how to take pictures at the club, and whether it is possible to do so.Of course, there are places in which photo and video filming is strictly prohibited.This necessarily inform you more at the entrance.In most places there is such a ban, but still the general rules of decorum has not been canceled.

  • not take pictures of people at the club in a "no standing".
  • is not recommended to take the fight or family showdown.
  • better to avoid any intimate shots with other people or you risk your health.
  • Before you take pictures of people unknown to you better ask them for permission.Not everyone wants to shine on someone else's photograph.
  • better to do shots at the beginning of the party, when everyone is in anticipation and ready to rock.These frames are the most colorful and emotional.

Tip: if you are not a professional photographer, but want to make good pictures - refuse flash.Without the participation of its staff will give the whole environment and atmosphere of the moment was captured.

If you do not know how to go to the club, please read our rules.They will present a model of the desired behavior.Visiting a night institution, be prepared for the unknown beautiful setting, Thunder music and a fun atmosphere.Enjoy your holiday!