How to change the voice?

How to change the voice?

Each encountered such a situation, he simply listened with delight man who seemingly did not say anything interesting or useful, but to listen to him wanted to continue, while another man who says some really interesting things, I do not want to listen at all.Why is this happening?It's all in the voice, its timbre, intonation in.Voice of a person can be to win, but you can push, you can lift the mood of a person, or, conversely, to spoil it.Ambient will take you just the way your voice sounds, especially if they are deprived of the opportunity to see you.For example, in a telephone conversation.

This task is not difficult, since the change voice on the phone will not make labor.There are many programs and devices by which a woman's voice can sound like a male, and vice versa.Some programs are used in a live conversation (that is, change the voice in real time), while others require you to record real voice and then convert it - are often used in friendly sweepstakes.Voice changer can be used both in mobile and stationary phones.

How to change voice in the microphone

Rich in terms of how to change the voice in the microphone, talking on Skype or voice chats, give us a computer program.Since you can improve the performance of voice, change his voice, a male voice "to do" women's special programs, and women - men.The change in voice input from conventional microphone in real time, with a delay of a few milliseconds.In other words, you just have an ongoing conversation, but your voice changes immediately.The possibilities that open up before you, these programs are simply endless!You can communicate on the network with a different name, you can create an imitation of the famous voice actor.Call a friend and play them.You can leave your own voice, but to add low frequencies, due to what it will sound more sexy.Some programs are also suitable for application to a different voice effects: acoustic, music, etc.

How to change voice in life

not all nature has bestowed pleasing to voice hearing.Someone he screamed at someone - deaf.And then, and more unpleasant for the interlocutor.But, unfortunately, change the voice in my life is not so easy, either by phone or on the Internet.And yet, certain efforts, it is possible to achieve significant results.There are specific exercises that will help you how to change the voice entirely and simply fix some flaws in it.What a pleasure to listen to the voice?Of course the one that sounds loose, smooth, melodic, and not clamped and jerky.An important role is played here by the breath.Make sure that the voice was coming together with an exhalation, smoothly and quietly.Perform exercises that will help to put the voice correctly.And, of course, take care of yourself: for example, if the voice is too high, say a semitone lower.First you have to force yourself and control, but then it becomes a habit.