How to create an animation ?

How to create an animation ?

When you visit forums and blogs on the internet, many caught myself thinking how man made such an interesting screen saver, or rather an avatar for yourself and how to learn to do it yourself.This article will be given step by step instructions how to create animations, t.e.podvizhnuyu image to decorate their correspondence on the Internet and other purposes.

Avatar Photo

Service, with which you can create an online animation, winning more than 30 photos on the basis of its own.They will be generated portrait of the effects on the basis of facial recognition.As a result, you can get yourself smiling, laughing, winking, surprised or distressed.It is also possible to obtain a matrix effect, kaleidoscope, raindrops, X-ray, and others. With a simple movement you can add galloping in front of hearts, Bucks, roll out the pupils or glowing vampire eyes.

The result can be changed in size and animation speed, and adjust the amount involved in the animation frames.Plus the service is that you can edit the picture before it is modifying effects ( "Edit photo").

not registering, you can save the result in the format.gif or.jpg, or create and send it to your account.It is also possible to obtain a unique reference, thanks to the preservation of a free photohosting ( «Share» button).

Minus the program as the inability to add text.

Cool Webcam Avatars

Service, with which you can modify the display of your captured webcam.Maintain a real movement with the addition of different effects - a newspaper article, a radar monitor, neon lighting, the photo-negative, mirror etc.Size is not adjustable.Received possible to maintain, without registering, but if you decide to do it, then the result of your work will be placed on the main page of the site.

Minus the program is that it is limited to the use of webcams.

Service, with which you can understand how to create a GIF animation, editing photos and apply various effects to them.Proposed static and animated effects.Impressive images of three-dimensional cube, water reflection, picture, horror, heat picture, water wheels, clearance sequins.Some can be done by your favorite colors.

service has great potential - to add text to the image, add effects to the other, to make the animation cutting their frames, with different time cycles and animation.At any time you can go back to the desired step.

Saving results of work going on in the formats.gif or.jpg, but if you add animated text, then only.htm.

Minus the program in a complex description of steps.

Image tools

service allows you to quickly and easily create GIF animations from existing online jpeg file format, bmp, ico, png, pcx, tga, Adobe Photoshop PSD, Windows metafile.A description of all valid options and operations set forth in Russian, it would greatly facilitate the work with the program.To understand how everything works, and will new to programming.Despite the seeming simplicity, there is a great opportunity to edit or create an animated gif-file.Service has a built-in Active GIF Creator editing software that allows you to work with the staff of animation: you can perform dubbing and association frames, isolated from their fragments, vary the size, flip images and rearrange them, and also allows you to import files from other sites and clipboards.Service has a number of effects applicable to any frame or a selected item.It allows you to add text and change the colors.Among its advantages - the ability to optimize the size of the gif-file and compliance with load time for him.

Active webcam

service allows you to create animated 2D--and 3D-images, headers, banners, buttons in the Animation GIF format.For this purpose, we designed a set of templates, which can be used in whole or in fragments.On any of the frames possible imposition of one or more special effects, Photoshop-like filters.The program allows you to effectively optimize the results and supports the extended import and export images in any format desired (jpeg, avi, png, ico, bmp).It should be borne in mind that, in the exporting neanimatsionny format will remain only a selected frame.In addition, the availability of the interface may seem daunting to read, that will take time to become familiar with them.

can not keep silent about the fastest way to create animation - it's just to go to the Tools Free Online Application and follow the steps there to get ready image.You can also read our article "How to make an animation in Photoshop?".