How to create a bootable iso?

How to create a bootable iso?

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How to create a bootable iso?

Sometimes there are situations when due to careless actions, virus attacks or system errors banal it becomes necessary to reinstall the operating system.Some PC users prefer to turn to specialized service centers, while others make the installation of the new operating system on their own.We are interested in the latter case, namely, how to create a self bootable iso.

Before starting work, you must have the files to install the OS.The easiest way to get them - downloaded from any website or torrent tracker have finished the bootable media.But there is the danger of an unstable load an assembly with modified settings and a bunch of unnecessary software.It is also useful to know which programs are useful in the process of creating an image.For more information about this can be found in the article What program opens iso.

If you can not download the complete image, it is possible to create, with the normal boot disk with the necessary operating system.There are more interesting, but more complicated way - to create an iso image with its own operating system build.

Creating a bootable disk

How to create a bootable iso image of my own?First of all, we need a special program.Most users will prefer to use the program UltraISO.It is quite simple and powerful tool for creating disk images and their subsequent recording.

  1. Insert the optical drive of your computer startup disk with the operating system and run UltraISO.
  2. Go to the "Tools" menu and select "Create Disk Image".
  3. Select a bootable CD with the OS and click "Make".
  4. only several minutes on the creation of an image.

Learn how to create an image file can be found in the article How to create an image file.

How to create a boot disk iso?

  1. Insert the optical drive blank disc (DVD disc).
  2. The "Bootstrapping" menu, select "Burn hard disk image."In the window that opens, select a blank DVD disc.
  3. few minutes later, the boot DVD will be ready.

Creating a bootable USB drive

also important to know how to create a bootable USB flash drive iso, because some PCs do not have optical drives (netbooks or tablets running under Windows).In this case, an iso image can be recorded on a USB flash drive.The process is not particularly different from recording to DVD, the only - entry in the confirmation window does not need to select a DVD, a USB flash drive.The recording process also takes only a few minutes.For more information on creating a bootable USB drive, you can find in the article - How to create a bootable USB flash drive UltraISO.