How to create a local disk ?

Even if the computer is equipped with a single hard drive, easy to make out of it a few local drives for easy distribution of files.For example, the disc «C: \» can only leave the operating system and all your documents to move to disk «D: \».Then when reinstalling the system personal files remain intact.In this article we'll show you how to create a new local drive by dividing an existing apart.Also you may be interested in our previous article How to make another CD, and How to drive D.

How to create a local drive: manual

To create a local disk «D: \», you need to free up a place for it and share local disk «C:\ "on 2. Before the case, be sure to make a backup copy of important data in case something goes wrong.

Disc operations with the utility "Disk Management" can be carried out.To start it, press [Win] + [R], type in the pop-up window «diskmgmt.msc »and click« OK ».

First you need to make a local drive «C: \» less - it is on the freed space, we will create a second local drive.In the "Tools" select disk «C: \», click on it, right-click and select "Shrink Volume."A window will appear for a few moments with information about what will be the size of the disk compression.Click «OK».

now can be divided into two local disk.Click on the unallocated space that appears, right-click and select "New Simple Volume".In the wizard, click "Next".

If you want to create only one local disk, in addition to existing leave shown in the next window size unchanged.If you plan to do in the space that is freed two local disk - for example, «D: \» and «E: \» - divide the number in half shown.Having defined the size of the disk, click "Next".

Now select the drive letter if it is not set automatically, and click "Next".On the next page to change in most cases you do not need anything - except that you can enter in the field "Volume label" convenient name for the disk, such as «Documents».Then in Explorer the drive will appear as «Documents (D :)».Decided on the name, click "Next".

Recheck all the settings and click "Finish".This will start creating and formatting the disk, which may take a long time if a large size.Upon completion, you will have two disc - «C: \» and «D: \».If you create a disk «D: \» you leave unallocated space, you can create it on the disc «E: \» in the same way.