How to uninstall ?

How to uninstall ?

Most new users do not know how to remove the program from your computer correctly.Experienced PC users plunges into shock situation with the displaced to cart software folders."I deleted!" - Proudly exclaims the user, but it is deeply mistaken.Today, we consider in detail the reliable and correct methods of how to remove a Windows program.

standard way

So, what do you do when you decide to correctly remove the program from your computer?Follow algorithm naturally!

  1. Call the Start menu, launch the "Control Panel".
  2. In the window that opens, look for the item "Programs and Features" (Windows XP users - "Add or Remove Programs").
  3. window appears, containing a list of all installed applications and games on your computer.
  4. We are looking for the necessary program in the list, select a single click of the left mouse button.
  5. Hit the message "Delete" at the top of the window.
  6. If you need confirmation, click "Yes" or "OK."

built-in system will completely remove the program from your computer.

What to do if the program is not removed

Of course, the above method is to remove the program, not bad.But it has disadvantages, and they are as follows:

  • substandard and incomplete display of the list of installed programs;
  • superficial approach to the removal.

At the first stop we will not, everything is clear, there are programs that simply do not appear in the default list.

superficial approach to the removal.We implied that the entire program is not removed.Indeed, the system will produce the removal of the directory and all files belonging to the program.But it is very rare opportunity to provide uninstallers remove accumulated after work "garbage" program in the form of numerous registry entries and temporary files, shadow copies, and others.Moreover, many programs are intentionally left behind the files and records for different purposes:

  • Easy Setup during the next installation;
  • interfere with the competing software products;
  • Sending reports on company-developer server.

We are interested in how to fully remove the program from your computer, and to iron out all the consequences of its activities.Let us close this!

program to remove

You have not deleted the program?How to remove, you do not know?Do not panic, everything is simple.Follow algorithm!

We will freely distributed program Revo Uninstaller.Download this excellent program, you can directly from the site of its developers: download Revo Uninstaller.

  1. Download and install program to remove Revo Uninstaller programs.
  2. Run the program.
  3. You will immediately see a window with the installed programs.Select the program that you need to remove.
  4. Click the "Delete".Not to be confused with the "Delete element".
  5. to confirm the deletion give an affirmative answer.
  6. In the next window you will be offered several options for removing the program.Select "Advanced" and click "Next".
  7. If the program has a built-in uninstaller, it will start.Click confirm the deletion or miss warning will pop up an error.Click "Next".
  8. system scan will be made on the remaining "junk" files and registry entries.Click the "Delete", if any.
  9. At the end of this uncomplicated procedure to uninstall the program completely you should press "End".The top of the logic =)

after doing these simple manipulations can be 100% sure that you are able to carry out their task.For example, how to remove the software for downloading.

remotely remove

Users ask questions about programs how to remotely uninstall the program, you should be prepared for the fact that it is not easy.On the other hand, this issue is unlikely to arise in the beginner.So, we proceed to remove the program remotely!

We will use the built-in Windows Remote removal of software.More specifically - WMI.

  1. Press Win + R key.At the prompt, type «cmd.the exe "without the quotes and click" OK ".
  2. type the following in the command line: wmic.
  3. Now we need to find out what programs are installed on the remote computer.Type: node: (name of the computer) product get name - press Enter.
  4. obtain a list of programs.For example, you will see in the list of WinRar and want to remove it.
  5. You must enter the following: node: PcName product where name = "WinRar" call uninstall.
  6. On request the removal of the program answer - Y.

you will be informed about the results of the removal of additional parameters.Uninstall a program remotely is successful!also remotely remove unwanted program on another computer, you will TeamViewer software.

Today we learned a lot of new ways to remove the program.If you are wondering about how to remove the Trojan, you will be useful to our article "How to remove a virus?".