What silverlight?

What silverlight?

The Internet is a concept often referred to in conjunction with the word "plugin".What is Microsoft Silverlight and that he like?As you know, plug-in - a specialized module that connects to the main program.It extends thus its capabilities.In this case, the Silverlight plug-in can be connected to a browser installed in the OSes: Linux, MacOS, Windows.That is, he has a unique versatility.


Silverlight was developed on the platform.NET Framework.But this is not a simple plugin, but rather a powerful platform that allows you to create applications and other products for use on the Internet.Using the plugin you can see the results of these developments on the browser.It basically multimedia materials: high-performance video, web applications, and the like.That's what Silverlight is needed.If the sites are not displayed in the full version, you likely need to install such a plug-in.


Why this plugin has become so popular among users?Firstly, it is absolutely free.Secondly, it takes a small amount - about four megabytes.Thirdly, it is easy to install and is compatible with many operating systems.


Besides Silverlight has some features that deserve attention, such as: the ability to expand the formats, the possibility of a 3-D projections, vnebrauzernaya work.

Using the Silverlight, the user can see the high quality image even though the Internet signal speed and configuration of your PC.A vnebrauzernaya work involves the use of the local computer is connected to the network.

Generally, the Silverlight includes more than sixty new and quality controls, including Sketch Flow, Deep Zoom, Pivot Viewer and many others.All this allows us to reach new levels of communication with the clients on the network.

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