How to confess ?

How to confess ?

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How to confess?

Believers know that confession - is an open recognition of the Lord God of all their sins with the desire for forgiveness of the Lord.If you chuvstvute that my heart is heavy, or have committed a bad act, because of which are now suffering pangs of conscience, go confess.You will feel like becomes easier.And in order to heal your soul confession, you need to know how to confess.

What should be the confession

Confession must be sincere.It should open your heart, which is full of bitter remorse for your sins.Many people say that the confession does not change anything in them: they do not feel the blessing and purification, and in the near future again commit the same sins which repented.The reason for this - frivolous attitude to confession.First you must understand that the confession - it is not monotonic enumeration of his sins, for the Lord God of them is already known.He's waiting on you is not it.He expects from you a sincere repentance and the desire to be cleansed, to continue this not commit.Only with such feelings you get what you expect from a confession.God will forgive you everything, and you will once again become a man with a clear conscience.


procedure for people who have never confessed, do not know how to do it right.In churches and temples general confessions are held, which can reach everyone.Priest confesses all visitors, while enumerating the sins that people commit more often.This is done in order to remind people of the sins of which they may have forgotten.And when everyone is suitable for individual confession, be sure to call and those sins which recalled during the general confession.The priests are advised to read the prayer before the right of individual confession.They also help to remember the forgotten sins (eg, 24 prayers of St. John Chrysostom).Individual confession is held after the general.All wishing one confession the priest.This confession should not be too long, because other than you are willing to confess and others.During individual confession need to list all your sins, which you remember.It does not matter the form in which they will be performed.This can be a single word (such as "adultery") or a whole sentence.Do as you prefer.If during your confession coming to an end, and you feel that you still do not repent at all, ask the priest to extend the confession or arrange to continue it at another time.

If you are ready to confess seriously, but never did this before, first you are waiting for the general confession.General confession - many hours of confession, in which a person mentions all his sins to 6 years of age and repents of them.After this confession at the next ordinary person should no longer mention the sins, which repented at the general.Each following confession - repentance for their past, present sins.To confession was faster and had time for other confesses his sins can be written on paper, and read them with individual confession.

Rules confession

To confession heal your soul, remember the following rules:

  • Throw away your shame and fear to confess to the priest in his imperfection.
  • Personal confession - your sincere feelings: bitter repentance and belief that God hears and will forgive you.
  • Confession should be regular and frequent.Said the priest at a time of all their sins and believe that going to confession is no longer needed - this is the wrong position.Our world is full of sin, and we even sometimes not wanting this, sin constantly.Therefore confess as often as possible.
  • approach the confession seriously.If it's bad thoughts, or small household sin, they can confess at home, in front of the icon, in your prayers.If not, it is better to go to church.
  • not to conceal his sins.Even if they seem to you too shameful to admit they still need to, or you are committing another sin - are trying to hide from God your thoughts and deceive him.