How to become a god ?

How to become a god ?

Surely, you often hear the following sentence: "He (she) is a true god."Usually what they say about people who have reached a certain level of skill in some case or the case that people are taking up everything and do it better than others.Consider how you can become a god in real life.

Gods in real life

Famous directors, athletes, writers, businessmen and representatives of many different professions started in the business in these gods.God cinema and, in particular, many believe comedy of Woody Allen, the god of invention called Leonardo da Vinci, prose god - Alexander Pushkin.The list goes on for quite some time, but the essence is the same: all of these people in society believe, if not gods, the real geniuses.

Geniuses and Gods

What distinguishes genius from the common man?This, of course, the availability of talent.Talent, as we know, was given to man by birth, but it needs to be developed.The ancient philosophers believed that no mediocre people, each in some way can be good.But in order to find out what it is, you can spend a lifetime.Remember that the ability to learn a person has from birth, and the more you engage in certain business than seek to learn more and improve your skills, the more you can achieve in your business.

divine skill

A striking example is the people who are involved in sports and martial arts.It should be noted that the same martial arts did not arise due to any teachers whose names are celebrated all over the world, and thanks to the ordinary people who once thought that we must be able to defend themselves and protect others without arms.With practice every day, these people were able to reach a certain skill level, and at some point became true gods in the business.Of course they did not work all at once.Moreover, they had not been taught the skill, but at some point, they began to realize that their body has become much stronger.They have a lightning reaction, often they cease to feel pain.

How become gods

However, we started these people?Where to start to all the people who have reached the highest level of skill in their field?Of course, it all starts with the idea that you will be able to achieve the desired, with faith in themselves.In principle, people who are real gods, can be called great men and great men are distinguished not only by their skills and abilities, but also a desire to help others, because following the many faiths, God cares about each person.

Because to become a god in real life, you need to take care of other people.It is appropriate in this case to speak of Jesus Christ, which many people feel closest to God.many stories and legends associated with it, that modern man often seems improbable.For example, in the Bible and the Old Testament, there are many lines of how Jesus was able to heal the seemingly incurable people endow vision blind.Scientists theologians believe that the ability of Jesus Christ to cultivate a child, he learned the basics of medicine, studied anatomy, although direct evidence of this, unfortunately, no.

At the same time, we know that in ancient China, doctors could treat people solely by hand without the use of any potions.The same goes for India.The study of techniques of influence on the human body by direct contact - is generally a characteristic of many Eastern countries and Asia.Until now, modern medicine can not explain certain abilities possessed by humans, including inhabitants.

is also known that in case of danger, a person who does not have the proper physical training, is able to make the jump, jumping obstacles that exceed its own growth and to escape from danger.

Thus, some amazing and incredible abilities that can be called divine, hidden in many of us.

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