What is a monk ?

What is a monk ?

relationship with the monks and various hermits and ascetics at different times in different countries, the authorities and ordinary people have been very controversial.They and praise, and punished, asked for help in difficult times, and subjected to all sorts of harassment.

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Who is the monk: lifestyle

First and foremost, a believer, a member of a particular religious community, who gave an oath, called the vow.A monk or a nun led an ascetic life as a part of community or solitary life in solitude (not for nothing that the word comes from the Greek for "single").That is, there are at least two main categories of monks (nuns): those who live in mansions and monasteries, and those who vow carries alone, as a rule, in the desert, or another place inaccessible for society.

Institute of monasticism

It is characteristic of certain religious directions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism.Buddhist monks appear in the first millennium BC.And in Christianity - from the third century AD(It is interesting that there are no monks in Protestantism).In Christianity, the founders of monasticism in Russia believe Anthony and Theodosius of the Caves, founded in the eleventh century, the monastery of the same name.

Some species of monks in Christianity

  • ascetic.It applies in practice the form of spiritual practice - asceticism, involving self-restraint, the performance of a difficult vow, self-denial, sometimes - self-torture.Asceticism is characterized by modesty and voluntary abstention from food and worldly goods, communicates directly with the spiritual development of the monk and distributed not only in Christianity.
  • Recluse.Monk voluntarily enclosing themselves in a cave or cell, as a rule, until the end of his days (in the Christian tradition).There monk prayed to God to give only a modest meal.In Buddhism hermits went from people not for life, and for a certain time to develop the spiritual and physical practices, then returned to the monastery.
  • novice: or how to become a monk?In Russian Orthodoxy is the person being prepared to become a monk.Novices do not give vows, do not belong to the brethren, are not in full monk's robes.They perform a variety of obedience and usually live in monasteries, in preparation for entry to the monks.

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