Can you give icons?

Can you give icons?

Gifts - sounds very tempting.Everyone loves to receive a surprise, but when it comes to choice, many are scared.Especially when it comes to icons.It is about them and we'll talk today.

Can you give icons - pretty squeamish question.On the one hand, the icon - it is something holy, eternal, that binds all of us with God.they knowingly carry something bright and beautiful.On the other - many of the icons are negative, considering them part of some sect.So, before you present such a gift, you need to know a man who came to give him.As it relates to the church and the icons, if believe in God.On this and not only you should know.And if it is properly accept this gift, then go ahead, feel free to choose the appropriate icon and go to visit.

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Icons accepted to give the day of the anniversary, to the day an angel or a birthday, on the day of baptism, wedding, big Orthodox holidays, such as Easter and Christmas.The main thing, give the icon from the heart, sincerely wanting to love a person, and good health.And then it does not bring any harm, only benefits.If you want to give an icon to a specific person, it is better to let it be inscribed.If a person is sick, the icon with the saint on a particular case is sure to come in handy.On account of this, you can consult with the priest.

What icon is presented on

wedding is believed that it is better to give the icon family, which have been handed down from generation to generation.But this is optional.In the Orthodox tradition the newlyweds blessed icons of the Savior and the Mother of God.These icons will not only protect your union, but also bring happiness, understanding and love.

The icons there is nothing wrong.Rather, they possess magical powers.Believers say that the icons are not only able to give hope and heal the sick, as well as to bring happiness to the family.In the history of the church there are cases of healing after worship icons.No wonder that so many people carry them everywhere.Give the icon from the heart, and let your house to visit good.