Can I go to church during menstruation ?

Can I go to church during menstruation ?

eternal theme, which constantly face the priests, can we go to church during menstruation.Probably every Orthodox believer young woman wondered this question, because it does not know where lie the roots of the prohibition of entering into the temple at the time of menstruation.

Monthly from the standpoint of the Old Testament

As the priest says Konstantin Parkhomenko, to solve the problem, whether it is possible to go to church during menstruation, it is necessary to turn to the Old Testament, in which there are some regulations about purity and impurity of human body.What is considered unclean by the Old Testament?Individual human disease, his dead body and not just the expiration of the genital organs of women and men.At first glance, everything is simple and clear, but in fact the biblical prescriptions harder and deeper than it may seem at first.

It turns out that the Old Testament, when a person is not clean, it should be tactfully away from God.In general uncleanliness is closely connected with the theme of death and disease, bleeding is clearly reminiscent of human mortality.Let us turn to the pages of the New Testament, where the subject Savior radically rethinking.Christ is the embodiment of life, and everyone who is with the Lord, though he were dead, yet shall he live it.And this sense is lost, and any other impurities.

Monthly: New Testament

Recall, according to the Gospel, while the issue of blood touched the hem of woman clothes for the recovery of the Savior, it was not reproach from the Lord, he said: "Your faith has saved you."The words of the apostle Paul stated: "For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving, because it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer" (1 Tim 4: 4.).First of all it says about unclean food, ie no products created by God, which would be unclean.About monthly bleeding has not been said, but based on the logic of the preaching of the Apostle Paul, the monthly is a natural process of the body, and therefore, it is not reprehensible, and can separate a person from God and his grace.

probably familiar to you ban that going to church during menstruation can not, based on the traditions of the first centuries, when some of them adhered to, based on the theological beliefs of the Old Testament, or simply "just in case", as they say.Others went to the temple during the monthly, weekly, under threat of death, communion, and the liturgy.Nobody has excommunicated them from doing anything about it is not mentioned in the ancient church monuments.

Monthly and the Church: the withdrawal

It turns out that a woman can go to church during menstruation, because like marriage, birth of children, and monthly natural cleansing of the body is not disgusting to the Lord.Such purification, as well as the man himself, God created.And that created the Savior, holy and pure.Proof of this are the words of St.Gregory Dialogos (VI century), who wrote that we should not forbid a woman to go to church during the month, as it's not my fault that given the nature of her against her will.He also refers to the time that a woman with a bleeding Lord allowed to touch the saving of his garments, and be healed.

Regarding the Communion of the Holy Mysteries of Christ, and we can not interfere with a woman in the days of menstruation.If her refusal would be of great respect, of course, it is to be commended.But if it is to partake in the critical days, then it can not be called a sin and put out of this, you should not, according to the priest, Konstantin Parkhomenko.And in the 18th century, the Reverend Nicodemus of the Holy calls cause monthly uncleanness: it consists in the prohibition for men to mate these days with women mainly due care for the offspring.

So today some priests, respecting past bans do not recommend that women go to church and receive Communion during menstruation, while others believe the tradition of historical misunderstanding and does not impose restrictions.And as for pregnancy?Find out whether it is possible for pregnant women to go to church or not.