Was Jesus ?

Was Jesus ?

Nowadays, people are thinking about religion, all the more so the number of issues related to this eternal theme, is constantly growing.For example, the question of whether Jesus Christ existed in fact, is very popular, because the exact answer to this question is no.In this article we will try to answer some questions about that person.Of course, this article is in no way want to offend and hurt the feelings of believers - we just give some facts and reasoning;Each chooses to accept it from them or not.

Jesus Christ: a myth or a historical figure

asked whether Jesus was responsible in principle two different schools.First, mythological, it denies the reality of Jesus as a historical figure and considers it extremely mythological fact.In this school, there are three main arguments:

  • no mention of the miracles of Jesus Christ in the secular (non-church) sources;
  • absence in the epistles of St. Paul's historical information about Jesus' life;
  • presence parallels with Eastern myths of dying and rising gods.

Supporters of the historical school did not even wonder whether Jesus was the Christ really is.They call him a real person, not a myth.It is assumed that he was born in the period from 12 to 4 BC, and died in the period from 26 through 36 years BC ..

Was Jesus Christ married

next question that interests many people - wasWas Jesus married?One reason for this problem - popular film "The Da Vinci Code", where Jesus is considered married to Mary Magdalene.Theologians deny this fact, because in the Bible there is no mention of this fact.A couple of the Gnostic gospels mention the close ties of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, but they are not called romantic nowhere.However, in September 2012, Karen King, a professor at Harvard Divinity School, the Congress of Coptic Studies announced a new discovery, a fragment of papyrus, which are referred to Jesus' words "my wife."This discovery was named "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" - the code name, as there is doubt in the authenticity of the papyrus, and supplies it to the Gospel.

itself Karen King emphasizes that this fragment does not prove that Jesus was really married.It merely points out that a fourth-century Christians did not exclude such a possibility.People twenty-first century, are invited by to decide for themselves the question - although mostly on the question of whether Jesus had a wife, a negative answer, yet reliable mention of this.

divine nature of Jesus

Very often people are asking the divine nature of Jesus Christ.Is Jesus God?The answer to this question in every religion your, we will try to tell the main point of view.Christians the question of Jesus' divinity is not set, because it is - the central figure in this religion.Christianity is based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as described in the New Testament, most Christian denominations believe him the Son of God, risen from the dead.

terms of, for example, Islam, Jesus (Isa) is considered approximate, and the Messenger of Allah, one of its five major prophets.But according to the Qur'an, he was neither crucified nor killed, but was taken up alive by God into heaven.He is considered the Messiah, approximate, but the divine nature of Jesus is not mentioned.Modern Judaism denies the religious significance of the person of Jesus, the Messiah is why supporters of Judaism did not recognize.Therefore, the use of the title "Christ" in relation to Jesus they consider unacceptable (Christ - an epithet indicating the nature of the mission of Jesus, which means "anointed one").

In South-East and Central Asia spread the belief that Jesus was in these lands, traveling among the adherents of Buddhism.Some Buddhists believe that Jesus - the Bodhisattva who has devoted his whole life for the good of the people.Gus Zen Master, who lived in the XIV century, found Jesus very close to Buddhism and enlightened man, having heard some of his statements in the Gospel.In Gnosticism single view of Jesus Christ absent, which is explained by a number of different exercises.For example, according to Manichaeism, Jesus was not equal to God, although it was a superhuman being, and one of the major prophets.

In this article we have tried to examine the basic views on the life of Jesus Christ, to highlight the most frequently asked questions about it.These views do not claim to absolute truth, but it can give a summary and an occasion to receive more complete.We hope that draws offended the religious feelings were not - we have maintained impartiality.