What is the help icon ?

What is the help icon ?

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What help icon?

Orthodox culture is inconceivable without icons.Created with great affection sincere believers artists, they become a link between the earthly world and heaven.The significance of the icons in the Orthodox, the veneration of icons and the most significant Orthodox icons, read our article.

value icon in Orthodoxy

in understanding Orthodox icon is a conductor, a window into the world of the Divine.

Unlike Catholicism, inclined to a maximum of realism in the image of saints, great imagery prevails in Christianity.While simple face will tell only about human psychology, about the beauty of his peace of mind, the face will be a reflection of the spirituality and holiness of religion that people kept in itself.That is why in his work Christian painters withdrawn portrait likeness last place, putting in his place at the forefront of the so-called art display"Tabor Light" (uncreated divine light, which lit up the face of Jesus Christ at the Transfiguration).

Before you begin to work on an icon, a Christian artist carefully prepares himself, purifying the soul of prayer and fasting, ascetic way of life.This helps him get closer to God, renouncing all worldly things.This is why every Christian icon brings tremendous energy, spiritual charge.And because any such work becomes symbolic for Christians.

born such a term as "the veneration of icons" - the tradition of the Orthodox culture prescribes the careful handling of icons, both bits of sacredness, heaven sent down through the painters in the earthly world.The veneration of icons also involves the worship of saints depicted on the icons likam.And it is only the value of the prototype, that is, the holy face depicted on the icon, and it emitted the light of Tabor.Neither the material on which is written the icon or its design or anything else is not important.

Christians believe that even if the icon will be destroyed in a physical way, it is reflected in the face of the saint remain incorruptible.After destroying the "window to the mountain world," no one will ever be able to destroy the light that falls from the heavens.Hence the expression: "pray before an icon."But the icon.

What help icon?A believer may request, thanks to any icon.However, depending on whose face is depicted on it, people can walk with their questions to specific icons.

Value major icons in Christianity

  • «Pantocrator".This image represents Christ as the King of Heaven.The icon is placed at the head of the iconostasis.By turning it with any difficulties, sorrows, diseases - Christ knows everything.
  • «Vladimir Mother of God."This icon is often asked about the world, about getting rid of invasions of enemies, on the strengthening of the faith, to preserve Russia as a single powerful state.
  • «Kazan Mother of God."Our Lady of Kazan is the patroness of family and children.She bless newlyweds, put it near the cots.To her address with a prayer for a happy family life, happiness and peace.Also before the icon asking for healing blindness.
  • «Holy Face."According to legend, a very sick ruler of Edessa, Abgar, Prince, learned about good deeds and numerous healings that Jesus performed, and sent his artist, that he painted his Christ.However, the painter could not reflect on the sacred face of the paper, asHe came from a very bright light.Then Jesus washed and wiped his face with a towel most pure on which the image and display it.When Abgar touched the artist brought miraculous way, he was healed.Since before the Savior Not Made by Hands praying for the healing of diseases, getting rid of the wicked, disturbing thoughts, guidance on the right path.
  • «Nicholas."This saint is the patron of all those who are in the way (pilots, travelers, sailors and so on. D.), And unjustly offended and convicts, women and children, the poor, the animals.
  • «Yaroslavl Mother of God."Just as the Kazan Mother of God, is the patroness of family and children.
  • «Virgin of Tenderness."holy icon was once in the cell of St. Seraphim of Sarov.Before burning icon lamp, oil from which Sarov anointed the sick, giving them healing.Today, before this icon and pray for good health, healing of ailments.
  • «Virgin Softener of Evil Hearts".The icon symbolizes those mental anguish, grief, who had experienced the Blessed Virgin Mary.People come to pray before the icon of the softening of the heart, relieving mental suffering, getting rid of the hostility, anger, envy, gaining a sense of compassion for others.
  • «St. Matrona of Moscow."Matrona was born blind, but God gifted inner spiritual vision.With 17 years she could not walk, but because most of her life, she was bedridden.However, blessed by God to do good deeds, Matron at an early age and until his last days to help all those who suffer, who came to her with their problems, diseases, sorrows, fears.Before its icon pray for healing, for help in a variety of complex everyday issues, choosing the right way of life, deliverance from addictions.
  • «Our Lady of the Sign".It is also one of the most revered and important icons in Christianity.Most often refer to the Virgin Mother to ask for help, protection, healing their children.
  • «Mother of God Soothe My Sorrows".As the name of the icon in front of her pray for physical and spiritual health, calming thoughts, getting rid of fear.
  • «Guardian Angel."According to Orthodox tradition, the guardian angel always accompanies man throughout his life, if he believes in God and respects his commandments.Before the icon, you can ask for protection, recovery, help in any difficult questions.

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