Where to borrow money ?

Where to borrow money ?

Almost every been in a situation where urgently needed the money, but they are not enough.In the most desperate cases, we start to think about where to borrow money quickly and as comfortably as possible.Let's examine a few options.

Where to borrow money: Options

People around

Where to borrow money urgently?The first method is well known - is to ask a loan from his friends, relatives, acquaintances or colleagues.The method is good because you can get money almost immediately - from hand to hand, and even without interest for an indefinite or a pre-specified period of time.Disadvantages lie in the fact that not everyone is willing to lend (he himself may not have the money or he fundamentally does not in debt), and the loan amount will be small.To most profitable use this method, it is better to know in advance whether a person gives the debt, which you want to ask.If yes, then you need to approach it with a polite request, when it is in a good mood and ask for a little more than you need.This is the case, if the amount a person can may initially seem high, and you will gradually be able to reduce it to the desired.However, remember that it is very unpleasant to be in a situation where you have to trust the man, and he let you down.When taking into debt, even in the best of friends, always be clearly set out that to return the money and still have the full.

money on receipt

second option - to get the money receipt.This can be done by private individuals and companies in the city, some offer this service.Plus it is that it is not necessary to adjust themselves to a specific person, so that he gave money.You know that the organization gives money to the debt, and without further ado simply come and ask.You will not be denied.Disadvantages in ways much more: it is a large percentage (can reach up to 2% per day), loan term - a small (usually 30 days), it is necessary to understand the intricacies of drawing up a contract and receipts that you are not cheated.From private owners and organizations are advised to choose the latter.It is believed that in case of delay in repayment of the debt organization more loyal customer than individuals.

Credit card

third option - to get a credit card.Pros: convenient, the possibility of preferential use of money.This means that if you take money from the card, and return them in a limited time, you do not have to pay interest.Make a credit card is easy to now this service offer virtually all banks.Minus: you need to complete the documents and waiting for 2 weeks.At this time, the bank is considering the proposal.

Instant credit

fourth option - express loan.The simplest and most modern version.Express loan can be taken in two ways: on the Internet, and "live" in the specific organizations that provide microcredit.On the Internet, it is more convenient to get the money, not leaving the house, helping, for example, to get any purchase from an online store.Pros: it is not necessary to collect the documents, to seek bail, make a pledge.One need only to apply to which react within a few minutes.Cons: The amount you can borrow small, need to look for a suitable organization.Now this service is widespread, so there are many organizations that provide it, and each its own terms.If you have time, learn at least a few such companies and choose the one with the most favorable conditions.

Where to borrow money, you already know.Choose based on their capabilities and circumstances.Yet, before you take a loan, think, and whether it is necessary?If they need money for treatment, purchase of medicines, and so on., Then everything is clear, the duty is justified.But if you, for example, saw the online store beautiful, but expensive dress, think, and whether it is necessary?Maybe it is easier to wait and save up the money?And, of course, do not forget the golden rule: good turn deserves another.