How to repay ?

How to repay ?

Money is often the bone of contention, even for people who have been friends for many years.Before borrowing money pobespokoytes advance to subsequently raise questions as to repay the debt, which does not return the closest people.Naturally, no one smart person does not lend large sums of money without a receipt - a document, which is a legal document, provided that it is properly filled.

Filling receipts

Some of you might argue that somehow indecent to take with friends or relatives released, but because you want to get your money back.Of course, the exception can only be a situation where a person needs to borrow money for expensive treatment abroad.And many lenders in such cases make out receipts.

lawyers recommended to fill a receipt in the correct form.This debt must necessarily write only the borrower, but not the person who lends money.Make sure that the following information be clearly indicated in the receipt:

  • Personal borrower data with his residential address, passport number and series, and who issued the passport.
  • When writing receipts be sure to specify, for what purpose is borrowed a large sum, for example, to purchase a car.
  • Money can be borrowed in foreign and national currency - it must specify.
  • Borrower shall specify under what interest he takes a loan (if any).
  • lender needs to verify the signature of the borrower with the one that has in his passport.
  • Before you get a debt receipt, the borrower must understand that he has to return the money at the time, which is specified in the promissory note.Some lenders want to immediately get the full amount of the debt, and some stipulate partial repayment of the debt.

Conclusion released does not indicate that the lender does not trust his borrower, but a difficult economic situation even compulsory and honest person can put in a position where it will not be what to give debt.

Tips psychologists

Return of debt today is very common.Its recommendations, both creditors and borrowers are given by experts of different fields, including psychologists.After all, if a creditor borrowed with the expectation that he would give the money, feel tremendous psychological trauma due to the fact that he can not repay the debt on time and brings his friend or relative.

What can psychologists recommend to the person who is unable to pay the debt on the receipt or without it in time?

  1. If the borrower fails to return the entire debt, he should return at least part of it.It would not have been difficult for the borrower in economic terms, it must find a way out of this situation.By the way, very few people who are really trying to find a way out of this situation, and yet in our time the work can be found, albeit a little paid.To sit idly by, idle and trust in fate - this is not the steps to be taken by the debtor.Today it is possible to work on two or three jobs, and if people seek to repay the debt, it will run on 12 and 16 hours a day.Of course, the way out is to look for a person who is not accustomed to borrow and repay debts.
  2. In no case, do not hide from the lender, because your actions will lead to the fact that he would write a statement to the prosecutor, so that will be prosecuted.Of course, it's no good will not.Because you can be in the dock for fraud.
  3. Try to solve the problem of debt repayment through negotiation.It is always possible to negotiate with the man, including with the lender.Perhaps he will do you make concessions, and will not be addressed by the court as to repay the debt, whose term has expired return.If the self is impossible to come to a compromise solution, use the services of a lawyer, but not inaction.

If we talk about what psychologists advise creditors in a situation where they can not recover their debts, it should be noted - the lender must act decisively.Of course, it helps in situations where he knows that his debtor has money, but he spends it on a completely different matter, but did not return the debt.

lenders who can not return to their finances also need to enlist the support of a lawyer who will be able to more specifically and effectively affect the borrower.At the moment, there are specialized organizations to help repay debts, and if the amount is really big, then why not outsource it to professionals?

Tips defenders

If you are looking for ways how to get back the debt, which the statute of limitations has not expired, the note that their own to go to the debtor and threaten him not worth it.This is due to the fact that whatever the receipt was not in your hands, if misconduct on your part with respect to the borrower, you may end up in the dock.If a borrower apply to law enforcement authorities with a statement to your actions, they will be qualified as blackmail.

Act only civilized methods, which are not contrary to the law, and even if you do not know how to repay the debt without a receipt.The only correct solution is to appeal to the court, which in the absence of receipts bude listen to the witnesses, to consider all the circumstances and make its verdict on it.