How to recover the debt ?

How to recover the debt ?

Serious economic and political changes in the country, troubled times of primitive accumulation of capital, constant and ongoing crises.After all, you can not argue that all this is very rich in our present to you.And just in itself, our proverbial mentality - all this so very often leads to a situation where the return of the usual methods of debt absolutely is not possible.Therefore, the problem of how to recover the debt, is becoming increasingly important to our reality.As of today, there are constantly new techniques and capabilities in order to collect the debt, both from a physical and a legal entity.

Before you go to our discussion, we note that several separate theme is the question of how to collect support.Read about it in the corresponding article - "How to collect child support?".


debt How to collect the debt from the debtor?To do this, there are many traditional and not quite of ways.The most commonly used methods for oral reminders of the need to refund, appeal to the law enforcement authorities, as well as treatment in the judicial system.Apply these techniques efficiently in accordance with the situation.Depending on the reasons of non-refoulement, all debts can be divided into such types:

  • not returning because of the lack of Debtors' real financial opportunities,
  • debtor confidence in the inability of creditors to impose penalties on the debtor's available assets.

In addition, any of the debt can be attributed to the category of "provable" and "bad."We will not focus on the first.After all, about, for example, how to collect the debt on the receipt, in our time can advise any free lawyer.Let us dwell on the so-called "bad" debt, presenting the correct behavior of the creditor in the form of an algorithm.

Procedure for the recovery of a bad debt

  1. First of all, you should explore and analyze a problem situation, to study the system in which your debtor involved different ratios.Expand the circle of persons.With the right approach, in the end, the debtor will have to pay.Of course, we are not talking about criminal threats.Just find such a business relationship, the debtor simply does not dare lose.At this stage it is important to pay attention not only on the law, that is, formal relations, but also in the administrative, economic and personal.
  2. After the first step should be to simulate the behavior of the debtor.It is necessary to formulate clearly what actions from him and those associated with it, you are required.This type of modeling is used to find out whether the possibility seems all return a specific duty.In the case where the debtor's personal coercion to pay a debt is the main task, this step does not require a lot of effort.
  3. The scheme is complex, if the debtor does not have sufficient financial capacity to repay the debt.Of course, that the proposed scheme of payments required to be economically justified and must not go beyond the existing legislation.In addition to modeling the behavior plays an important role in ensuring the safe recovery.In case of danger of a retaliatory action, you need the willingness to defend.And the best defense - the information transparency of its activities, where any opposition can be brought to the public without effort, or else some individuals.
  4. The third step is the reverse recovery logic.Draw conclusions from the behavior patterns of their debtor, and then try to understand what caused.Of course, the degree of the study of the debtor's action system, as well as third parties, directly increases the efficiency of the impact.This step is especially important for work with motivation.Also, based on the feedback logic should develop a recovery program, including in it the possibility of advice to the debtor, as well as circuit solution of the problem.
  5. And the fourth stage inseparable whole we are describing large-scale and difficult strategy is a direct reduction in the life of recovery programs, as well as information and public support for its activities.

A program on how to collect the debt, consider the following:

  • Selection of message sources.repayment scheme may come from the creditor, collection agency, an attorney, or even the board deliberately created for this purpose.
  • choice of the form provided by the threats, as well as the proposed repayment schemes.To put it more simply, you need to decide which way to convey to the debtor information.The most optimal is a written notice.Call the debtor after a few days and make sure that he received the notification.
  • Selection sequence submission tips and debtor risks.With regard to the first notification, placing in it a threat in the most generalized terms, specify the knowledge of a few key points.Systematically describe and then Demonstrate and implement a full range of threats.
  • Quite expedient to use the least expensive, but no less powerful threat to the very first.Such threats include, for example, dissemination of information, or the various publications on available resources.Then throw in the fight threats that demonstrate a direct transition to the support from the PR of rightness of their actions.The debtor must make a moral person and directly that the debt will be charged with it anyway.

entire procedure described above is combined humanitarian technologies, as well as legal techniques.It manifests itself in the application of information, high-speed threats, which it does not go beyond the law.Do not forget to describe the debtor is extremely easy to understand all the existing prospects for application of the rules of civil and criminal law.After all, some of which he himself may not even be aware.